Mahou Shoujo Site : Revenge and Resolve

Episode 5

With Sarina now a Magical Girl, a Magical Girl on a mission to not only get revenge but to carry on where the Magical Hunter Shioi left off, the world has become a much scarier place.

She tries to kill off three people at once this episode, sending Nijimi off to kill the original Magical Hunter, she corners Aya and Tsuyuno to get her revenge on the death of her friends.

It shouldn’t actually surprise me that a bully would see what they were doing as right or would try and make a victim of their bullying feel bad when they stood up for themselves. It is the truth that Aya never meant to kill anyone and I kept wanting her to scream that her friends were trying to rape her, it wasn’t like they were innocently talking to her and just verbally bullying her, she was about to be raped.

I don’t see a change of heart ever coming from Sarina, she might not go as far as wanting to kill Aya after Aya saved her from the building collapsing, the building that Sarina destroyed, I don’t expect her to forgive Aya for the fucked up things she blames her for or even care about her in any way but she might take her eyes off her for a bit. She’s dug down deep into this she’s the victim and Aya deserves death stuff even after Aya pointed out to her everything that is wrong with her way of thinking.

Then again Sarina is kind of right that Tsuyuno at least has no leg to stand on when talking about revenge and stuff. I mean we haven’t learnt much about Sarina so there might be a reason that she is the way she is, if not then sure what she did was unforgivable and to be fair her and her friends got what they deserve whilst Tsuyuno witnessed her family being killed and was living under the threat she would be too when she grew up. Its different but at the same time she was blood thirsty and tortured the guy. Her despair when Sarina cuts him in half was creepy yet… I could understand it?

Like the episode made it clear she was down right torturing the guy. She was pulling teeth and everything. Yet knowing what he did you still side with Tsuyuno?

As I said whilst I agree with Sarina that she can’t blame Sarina for wanting revenge of course it isn’t on the same moral ground I guess? I mean Sarina wants revenge for Aya sticking up for herself and saving herself from rape forced on her by Sarina because she didn’t say thank you. Its kinda different from torturing the guy that killed your mum, dad and unborn sibling.

Interesting develops though. Tsuyuno is so hurt because she’s actually got the protection spell around Shioi in hospital just in case Nijimi had found out where she was and went after her, we know this because Nijimi did go after her and couldn’t do anything to her. Her stalker is still hanging around so I haven’t a clue what his point is, she’s also figured out that Aya and Tsuyuno were hiding the person she wanted to kill so shows up at Aya’s house when she’s in the hospital after the building collapsed and is now with Aya’s creepy assed brother.

Like its always one step forward and two back for Aya.

We still have the Tempest to worry about which Sarina seems focused on whilst Nana the Admin is still hanging about being super creepy.

Plus at the end of the episode ANOTHER Magical Girl enters the hospital to probably kill Shioi.

Another good episode. Its getting darker by the episode.

Still want Aya to get a slightly stronger back bone then she has but there you go. Can’t have everything.


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