Persona 5 : The Phantoms

Episode 5

Kamoshida has been defeated whilst someone seems to be semi-stalking the Phantoms, where we go from here is anyone’s (who hasn’t played the game) guess.

Have to say it was nice to just see the characters happy and calm. With the whole Kamoshida thing going on you met them all at their absolute worst and they never got to relax. I mean they didn’t get much of a chance to relax in the episode before they were being shoved out of the way and treated like crap for being kids.

Not sure I really like the kids vs adult stuff, pretty sure that kids can do shitty things too and it isn’t always because a adult has made them do it. I mean they are of the age where they are borderline adults themselves and regardless of their circumstances there will be people around them that abuse all sorts of powers they were either born with or into. Rich kids picking on poorer kids, bullies with superior brains or strength taking things from those who can’t defend themselves, pretty people lording their looks over those who are spellbound by them. I mean these aren’t qualities that start at adulthood.

For example important looking dude cuts them in the line for the elevator. Kids cut lines all the time, bullies will place themselves at the front of any queue, its hardly the worst thing that ever happened. Though that guy is very obviously the guy that Ren got in trouble for stopping from the small bits we’ve seen of his backstory. Then you have the woman who bumped into Ann and blamed her, whilst sure the reaction of the other adults was OMG CHILDREN TODAY its not a uncommon thing for anyone of any age who are stuck up their own asses to do. If Ann hadn’t been abused there is a good chance she’d have been a popular girl at school which would mean she would have possibly been more like that woman at school.

Just think it was a silly thing to make into a big deal.

We get introduced to the guy from the end of the last episode, he’s some sort of boy detective, Anna has informed me he’s named after Ranpo’s detective Kogoro Akechi just his name is Goro Akechi. Also the woman who is questioning Ren in the present is working with this detective so there is all that to digest.

Plus Morgana takes us to a place called Mementos where normal people’s desires breed, so normal guys and girls like you and me without distorted desires but maybe a few bad habits that can be harmful to others on a smaller scale will have our Shadows there and can have our hearts changed without The Phantoms having to jump through hoops to change us.

It was a pretty action packed episode to be honest. Even some weird looking guy was introduced after the credits but we’ll have to wait and see who that is.

Personally I feel the whole thing is trying to do too much all at once, after some looking into the game I’ve been informed that the game can clock up to 100 hours of game play and is a very slow burning game with a lot of character development and free time where you learn all the information that is trying to be crunched into one episode. I’ve been told by the looks of the opening and closing credits we’ll be looking into the first three palaces which means the anime either is hoping to get a second season or they just smartly decided they couldn’t cram so much in so will end it off at that. I mean the first option seems more likely seeing the show itself has actually shown a great group with Akechi and Ren so we’ll have to wait and see.

Not a fan of just throwing everything at the wall and hoping the people at home follow along. It feels very much like a anime made for fans of the game instead of a show that either really makes you want to play the game or just tell the story of the game. I mean sure I want to play the game after watching it but I also got paid when it was on sale on the PS Store and didn’t buy it so it didn’t really make me run out and buy it and now the story is getting muddled up and confusing because so much information is being thrown at me I don’t really care either way.

There isn’t much character development either and the main character is just boring and bland. Again it doesn’t matter that in the game he is molded by the person playing him no one is playing him and most of the time he just stands there looking dumb as hell. They needed to give him a personality and they just haven’t.

Still there is enough in the show that makes me want to watch it but it makes you wish that it would actually take a breather.

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