Gegege No Kitaro : The Disaster of the Electric Yokai

Episode 5

“Denkiyōkai no Saiyaku” (電気妖怪の災厄)

Another episode and another Yokai that needs to be taken down by Kitaro. After a visit to his home forest we are getting back to the action.

Another poor scheme from Ratman brings another super strong Yokai into our world to take over. This time purely by accident after his debt run too high and he was about to be killed he called out for God and got Kaminari instead, a electric yielding Yokai who was pretty sad that he had been forgotten about after he used to strike fear into people’s nipples…

Well there was something about nipples in there and that is what stuck out for me.

I quite like watching Ratman get in trouble all the time, its nice that they seem to forgive him when he messes up even though it always means that Kitaro has to come to the human world and sort his shit out. Not really too sure what it is that Ratman is doing though as in the forest everyone seemed to have a place but he seems to be gambling and doesn’t have a home. The repeated joke of the dog peeing on him I really enjoyed for all the wrong reasons.

Kaminari was actually really cool, I loved the drums around him and how he used them to destroy everything with thunder. It was also a really smart idea to start a electricity group using his unlimited electric power, it wasn’t even Ratman’s fault that the plan failed and Kitaro found out about Kaminari which surprises me because Ratman isn’t the smartest. Really liked the whole plot to be honest.

Not only that but it also just focused on the Yokai which was interesting, whilst not much really happened it was a fun episode.

Again the fight scenes were amazing and I loved that they came up with the idea of using a conductor to stop Kaminari’s attacks from harming Kitaro and then just sucking his power from him.

I mean it was a pretty brutal way of defeating someone.

What I find disturbing though is that Kitaro never talks to whoever it is that is fighting, I might have missed it but Kaminari seemed mostly to be sad he’d been forgotten and whilst in the end Kitaro had to defeat him I do also feel like maybe it was a little on the mean side not to try and talk to these Yokai. I mean from what I saw he hadn’t been sealed like the others so maybe he would have been happier moving to the forest?

I dunno to be honest I loved the episode but trying to wrack my brains to remember if something I’m questioning actually happened in the episode is becoming hard. It was just a fun episode though. Loved it. Series is getting better and better.


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