Week 19 : Can Animals Reason?

Now personally, as an animal lover I would love to side with the animals and say that they can reason. But there are just too many YouTube videos of animals doing stupid things repeatedly for me to say so. Meaning i fall into the category of people who think animals can’t reason.

I’m expecting this subject matter will probably split a lot of people because of varying opinions on the matter.

Obviously you’re going to have people who say β€˜my doge managed to escape from my garden so animals must be able to reason’. And then you have people like me who would argue if he left a garden of relative safety why would he escape into uncertain territory? Because they can’t reason would be my opinion

So to settle this argument I set about a little experiment.

Due to my distinct lack of animals I had to ask my girlfriend for assistance in this experiment. I wanted to test if her doge would eat the handful of food that would sustain him and mean he can live for longer, or if he would take the little bit of chicken that smelt and tasted better (don’t ask how I know that).

To protect his identity we will call him Declan. Declan when approached with a handful of his normal food and a hand with a small piece of chicken in sniffed his normal food. Having smelt that it was his standard food he then ate the chicken and walked away.

The conclusion for this experiment is that Declan can’t reason because otherwise he would have taken the most food not the tastiest food.

I couldn’t conduct any more experiments unfortunately as I ran out of animals and my family realised what I was doing when I tried doing it to them. So for this question I’m going to argue that animals can’t reason, though that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel or have really cute faces.



4 thoughts on “Week 19 : Can Animals Reason?”

  1. By that theory, people can’t reason either because a lot of them would take the tasty food over the most. And that’s even assuming that the dog didn’t think through the fact that it was most likely going to be fed at its normal time and was in no danger of starving regardless of its immediate choice.

    1. I would love to disagree with you… So I will. Humans can reason because we are in control of when we eat, if my parents didn’t feed me then I would leave the house and get my own food, if I didn’t feed a dog where is it going to get it’s food from? Therefore animals can’t reason because it should take the most food it can when it can knowing that they may not get a next meal

      1. That is really illogical. The dog has no reason to believe its owner would starve it (unless you are into animal cruelty). More importantly, by that logic people should just eat continuously because maybe the shop will blow up and there won’t be anymore food to buy, and that’s not a reasonable assumption.

        1. For starters I’m not pro animal cruelty I am strongly against, and what makes you think I don’t eat continuously? However my point isn’t how much I eat, it should be innate logic that the more you eat now the less you need yo find/hunt/be given later in the day and if they take a minimal amount of food then they are not using reasoning behind their thought process

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