DEFIANT Wrestling : No Regrets

So I finally got to the end of Road to No Regrets so the obvious next step is to actually WATCH No Regrets.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

I get the point. Millie is a bad ass, KLR is the former dominant force in women’s wrestling and a Last Man Standing match is obviously a great way to actually find out who truly is the most bad ass of the two.

It wasn’t a bad match, again like Road… the crowd were dead for the majority of it which made the stuff outside of the ring feel less amazing because no on was really reacting to it.

Didn’t like that both did big moves on the ring apron just for the other to get up, it was too much and took away from the Canadian Destroyer from the top rope because it was cool but I dunno. Didn’t like the ending at all with KLR pretty much getting to her feet but the ref not looking in the right direction before she sat down again, it feels like we are open for another match with them which I just don’t want. I wonder why DEFIANT just seem incapable or unwilling to build the women’s division. The women need more time so we care about them and we don’t get stuck with 100 matches with the same two women with no build to their matches.

Winner : Draw

The size difference scared me. I’ve seen Walter on PROGRESS just murder people and just murder people the size of Mark Davis. Walter made him look like a kid fighting a adult, it was scary.

Interesting point that Bradshaw made when Travis tried to fight strikes with strikes was that Banks DOES usually use his strikes to get the upper hand but Walter isn’t phased by them and will cave your chest in with his chops and take your head off with his kicks. Whilst Banks was able to use speed to knock the big man off his feet at the beginning of the match the second he tried to put some hurt on Walter it was like Walter just absorbed it and that was when the big man was able to just chuck Banks around like a rag doll and basically have some fun with the champion.

Banks is just great to watch though, that trip up when Walter followed him out of the corner that led to the cannonball was amazing. He really is my favourite wrestler to watch all night long. Love the guy. Similarly the reason I love Walter is that he isn’t just a big guy that chops people and kicks people, he has such a interesting move set and none of his matches are the same. Its so easy for big guys like him to revert to a Brock Lesnar type thing where their matches are very similar but Walter’s opponents always get to shine against him and he always has to find something new to defeat them. These two against each other was just a beautiful match to watch.

LOVED the ending with Banks pinning Walter whilst in Walter’s submission but also tapping out at the same time meaning the ref gave them a draw. It was one of my favourite things to see. Honestly a great match and fantastic end. Already know we have Walter vs Banks vs ZSJ coming up which means that Walter probably won’t be pinned but will be able to lose that match. Can’t wait.


Joe wants more security at ring side. Well he actually just wants two people to interrupt in whatever he is doing by the looks of it which made me laugh. I like fun bad guy Joe, can’t even remember what he’s doing at the moment to be honest.

Winner : No Fun Damien Dunne

Completely forgot that these two were in a feud but it is the perfect feud. It all will go into something I’ll talk about in my Final Thoughts but as I said it was the PERFECT feud and because of the structure of their shows leading to this I completely forgot that it was a thing. Happy that Dunne has been able to have some brilliant matches and wins recently, forgot that Kirby eliminated Dunne at Light’s Out, also was happy we got Kidd vs Kirby instead of Kidd vs Ameen so yeah.

Why it was perfect was because Kirby IS the life of every party, I love his shenanigans and Dunne whilst fighting against all things fun manages to be just as entertaining as Kirby.

Both are fantastic in the ring as well though and the middle part of the match was fast paced and hard hitting. Their styles work really well together and the match had some great moments, obviously the fun side to Kirby like the eye pokes and noticing that Dunne was going to walk out of the way of his dive so lying on the mat and hitting him with something else, the back breaker from Dunne through the ropes, the attempt at the Zoidberg elbow…

Not sure if the ending was part of the match or not as Dunne seemed really worried about Kirby when he went for his leg. It gave Dunne a win but it felt very stuck together.

Winners : Aussie Open

I love that the commentators really hit home that Havoc’s strength is his in ring smarts, I love everything that Havoc does in the ring and his need to get a beer during matches is one of my favourite things. The fact that the two Brits were drinking and the Aussie’s weren’t was depressing though.

Havoc and Haskins isolated Fletcher which meant we got to see Haskins just running around like a puppy wearing down Fletcher and Havoc using his brains to make sure Haskins was getting the maximum damage, pulling the ropes away from Fletcher when he was in a submission and pulling his hair to keep him stuck in the corner, and made you realise just why they are a dangerous tag team.

Liked that we got to see Davis run wild for a bit but there is no denying that Mark Haskins is just one of the best right now. His move on both Fletcher and Davis showed that. When Havoc then came in and did his eye pokes and shin kicks it was hilarious.

Feels weird how the belts are kind of being passed around right now but happy that Aussie Open have a clean win to regain the belts and hope THIS TIME they keep it for a while. The fact that they are 2 time champions but haven’t actually had a proper reign upsets me.

Winner : Rampage

It was a really interesting match.

The main story was Rampage being the nearly man of DEFIANT, the championship is nearly two years old and whilst he’s always been around the main event scene because obviously he would he’s never managed to hold the belt.

Whilst Rampage usually causes a Rampage against whomever he is against obviously Aries is one of the greatest wrestlers alive right now so the match become much more a game of chess then anything. There was a good back and forth and the best of both were at show and I felt Bradshaw on his own tried as hard as he can to build the drama around whether or not Rampage could just get that last little bit he needs to be champion.

Really loved the fight to get a Piledriver, including on the apron, it was a really well told story.

What I didn’t like was that Bennett added nothing at all to commentary and instead kind of killed some of Bradshaw’s hype.

Did like the ending with Aries cheating to get the win and Bennett standing up and restarting the match. I mean he’s the GM of course this is what would happen when he see’s what he saw happen right in front of him. It did make the moment that Rampage Piledrive’d him and won the match so much more better.


So we got a new GM and it turns out to be Primate which I am very happy for. I’m kind of happy Bennett is no longer the GM he just wasn’t there long enough to do anything and whilst I was excited just like Aries it shown showed to be a pretty poor decision.

Primate on the other hand. All the love for Primate. Do we have to call him Jay Malrose? Or is it Melrose? I’m just sticking with Primate.


Gonna do this a little differently, gonna mark down the entrants and eliminations as long as I get the eliminations I might miss some, will write a bit about the entrant and anything interesting that happens between them but at the end will write a proper actual review of the Rumble itself.


Before we get a second entry we get to hear from Hendry but only when the crowd stop chanting Joe Hendry’s a Wanker. The more he tried to speak the louder they got and it was hilarious.


Thankfully Starr came out to stop him which was a good thing. Not that I don’t like Hendry but it was mainly just listening to the crowd being mean to him. Pretty normal start to a Rumble with not much to say about it really.


So the two security guards come down as one entrance, getting Starr away from Hendry and helping him keep Starr down.


Very scary entry. Obviously there to take out Team Hendry but not to save Starr in particular. The absolute respect between them is seen and whilst Walter tries to goad Hendry back into the ring Starr tries to eliminate him.

ELIMINATION 1 – TEAM HENDRY (one over the top, one pinned)


Lets not forget women getting into the No Regrets Rumble is no new thing but having her in the ring with Walter was interesting and scary at the same time. If I haven’t made it clear its terrifying to see anyone in the ring with Walter. As it was she and Starr took down Walter to dominate the two smaller men which was fun.


I know that him and Millie have fought each other before and probably should find one of those matches to watch because the small bit they did when he got in was amazing and I really want to see it. Also really want to see Walter vs Brookes because whilst he stupidly tried to pick Walter up and had him fall on him he looked pretty comfortable with him over all.


This is how much I hate him. I could buy Millie winning and facing Rampage but would rather never watch wrestling again then see Ameen vs Rampage. Him getting on the top rope and messing around whilst WALTER and BROOKES stood waiting for him to finish singing just depressed me.


Honestly I was so happy to see Sexsmith show up. The new faces in DEFIANT are amazing and David Starr, his tag team partner in Sexy Starr, kissing him made me so happy. He came in and straight away just stole the show.


Right now they have Banks, Walter, Starr, McKenzie, Sexsmith and Brookes in the ring together. THAT IS THE TALENT THEY HAVE IN THE RING RIGHT NOW. If you needed a list of some of the best in the UK right now they would be the ones EVERYONE says. I loved that they all teamed up on Walter just for him to throw them all off, also loved that it was Starr who finally got him over the top rope. Great few moments.

ELIMINATION – WALTER (Over the top rope)


Why does it not surprise me it turned into a dancing competition? The fact EVERYONE joined in makes me so happy, Ameen not even being able to do the dance was hilarious, Sexsmith and Banks doing their own thing was wonderful and its about time we got Stupid Sexy Travis in DEFIANT. I’m sad that they were interrupted though. But really what a person to come out next…


Everyone trying to get Dunne to dance and him basically having a break down in the ring before being beat up by everyone was hilarious. He should have just danced. Sexsmith kissing him and Starr going straight over to Sexsmith to complain was my favourite thing. I love Sexy Starr.

ELIMINATION – NO FUN DUNNE (Over the top rope)

And back to the dancing., the conga line that was ruined by Brookes was just the funniest. Brookes is so miserable sometimes I love him.


He came in and just took complete charge, happily he came face to face with Ameen who got a headbutt for his trouble. I know I’ve seen Cooper a few times before but can never remember if I like him or not.


See this is what I love about DEFIANT is that they treat the women with as much respect as the men. Millie has just kicked ass so far and Lana came out and did the same, it wasn’t just “OMG A WOMAN IN THE RUMBLE” they actually were there as real participants based on the fact that they are just good enough to be there. Bit upset that Lana did her butt attack on Ameen and he had to do that whole pervy idiot routine he did with Brandi Rhodes. Really hate him.

Hendry rolled in kicked someone and rolled out again. Lets not forget he’s still around.


YES! The return of Doug. I love Doug, he needs to be back for good. I just love Doug and Travis’s face. Remember when it was Travis and Doug and baby Doug. OMG I love this. The fact they played that they are so similar wrestling wise too makes me so happy.

ELIMINATION – TRAVIS BANKS (over the top rope)

Actually the best part of this whole match is when things quieten down and David Starr reacts to what he’s watching. That and the fact that Hendry runs into the crowd whenever someone is eliminated.


Biggest pop of the night by far, everyone loves the crazy dude. Nice that he got a pin fall elimination pretty much straight away, again Starr reacting to him made me laugh madly, really happy for Miller and hoping that he gets some more matches in DEFIANT.



Who the hell is Bradshaw kidding saying Ameen will do anything other then bore us all to death? Thankfully he charged at Kidd as Kidd got into the ring and was immediately eliminated. Unfortunately he spent too much time bragging and turned around to the fists of Amir Jordan.

ELIMINATION – PRINCE AMEEN (Over the top rope)

I said unforuntaley but he managed to turn it around for a pin on Jordan giving him two eliminations in short succession.



Oh blurgh I forgot that he won the right to be in the Rumble. The cheese is back in full force with the posing on the stage, man I really didn’t like him back in the day and still don’t. The fact that he came in face-to-face with Miller worried me because I really want Miller to do well and not be thrown out by someone like Sysum. Thankfully EVERYONE loves Miller but I didn’t enjoy the pose off as much as the dance off.


Well Jordan has disappeared so maybe Drake will come and kill Sysum’s gimmick for me? Something weird happened and before Drake could get to the ring number 19 was announced, whatever happened I don’t know but it made me laugh.


Him just walking past Drake all cheerful like is my favourite thing. The Rumble kind of settled down at this point with the action splitting into three of the four corners.


Third woman, to be honest Millie has disappeared but never saw her eliminated and Lana is spending most of her time on the outside. Roxy went to help Drake and was eliminated by Miller, he then grabbed hold of Miller and took him out which actually would be a interesting feud in itself and I kinda hope we get it specially as Drake beat the hell out of him on the outside.

ELIMINATED – DRAKE & SIMON MILLER (over the top rope)

Again the match went back to pretty normal Rumble stuff.


Yes Blow Up Lykos was a entrant, without any trousers on. Cheeky bugger. They had some guy in a black suit with the doll and once more Mark Davis sold so well to the doll until he didn’t. Love him so much and he was eliminated by Blow Up Lykos too. That man can take a joke so well.

ELIMINATION – MARK DAVIS (over the top rope)

David Starr then got a DDT from Blow Up Lykos. This was just the best.


Well Haskins wasn’t going to play around with a Blow Up doll so low belowed the shadow and then knifed Lykos in the face…. Actually took his head off before eliminating Brookes too. He just basically killed CCK.



So Hendry finally gets his ass in the ring because he has back up, they don’t really do much other then target Williams in the corner. At this point I’m 100% sure I’ve missed Millie being eliminated if not she’s been on the outside since about Williams entry so if she comes back and someone says LOOK HOW LONG SHE’S BEEN IN THE RUMBLE I might lose my mind.

Lana was pinned just for Roxy to be pinned after by Ligero or the other way round not too sure. Both were out in quick succession though.



Came out and took down Sysum then got into a fight with Haskins who took no prisoner. Actually would like to see KLR vs Haskins because in the little they did I feel her style would suit his much better then the Millie’s.


I am SOOO happy to see him back. I heard about all the shit he went through and was worried that DEFIANT just wouldn’t use him ever again but seeing him back makes me happy. The guy is such a big positive for DEFIANT.

Whilst Gracie just joined the general hubbub Ligero got a low below on Williams and eliminated him whilst Hendry nearly eliminated KLR.




I’m so happy Archer is back, to be honest I should have guessed as I think he was confirmed to be in Cornwall for the Saturday then wasn’t anymore and I should have thought about it.

Archer got a elimination on Haskins before giving Gracie a hug. If we don’t get a match between the two them being a tag team again will make me happy.

ELIMINATION – MARK HASKINS (Over the top rope)


I originally thought that Fletcher had fallen down the steps but it turns out that Haskins attacked him. He took him up to the top of the stage and went to work on his arm. Makes you wonder why Davis didn’t come out as his elimination was hardly a terrible one that hurt him.

Whilst that was happening The Prestige just died with Hendry throwing El Ligero over the top rope.


It was silly for Hendry who then became the target of a bunch of people, he was able to survive but he is now completely on his own. Plus Fletcher still wasn’t in the ring and Havoc then become entry number 28.


He went to work on Fletcher with the chair, obviously the more hardcore they can have with Havoc the better so they stuck to the outside for a little bit. After he got into the ring he managed to actually get two strong eliminationsΒ  on Cooper and Archer before being eliminated by KLR himself.

ELIMINATION – TK COOPER (pin fall), LUCAS ARCHER & JIMMY HAVOC (Over the top rope)Β 

After that Havoc got back in and attacked KLR with a chair which gave Hendry another easy elimination as he pinned the lifeless body of KLR.


He came limping down and was obviously the target, it wasn’t a big entry and it kind of slowed down a lot.


So here is the absolute face turn from Ligero, Prestige is over and good guy Ligero is back. He went obviously straight for Hendry.

We got Gracie vs Kidd which was interesting, Gracie fighting from the ring apron for a good few minutes before finally being eliminated was great and its another match I’d love to see.

ELIMINATION – ALEX GRACIE (Over the top rope)

With that elimination we had five guys in the ring. The injured Kirby was in the corner whilst Sysum and Starr were the next two to have a fight that had one guy on the ring apron and the other doing his best to eliminate him. In the end both Starr and Sysum were on the apron, Sysum got a interesting Product Recall which bounced him out of the ring THANKFULLY.

ELIMINATION – JUSTIN SYSUM (Over the top rope)

We then had Kirby vs Kidd struggling on his bad leg, with help from Ligero they managed to get Kidd out before Hendry rolled back into the ring and left us with our final four.

ELIMINATION – GABRIEL KIDD (Over the top rope)

We then had Starr vs Hendry, another match I’d really like to see. With all the pin falls and over the top rope moves its hard to remember that you can also get submission wins so it was interesting seeing Hendry go for the Hendry lock and get another elimination this time not opportunistic.


Ligero kicked Hendry out of the ring but he fell through the middle ropes which left Ligero vs Kirby in the ring. Ligero vs Kirby. The match up of British Wrestling. Whilst they were fighting you could see Hendry scrambling around outside hiding away.

It was a fantastic little mini-match at the end of the Rumble which lead to Kirby beating Ligero.


And then led to a silly bit. I mean Kirby is injured and Hendry DIDN’T go for the Hendry Lock? Kirby got the win making him the No Regrets Rumble king obviously and setting up for a match against Rampage. What a match that’ll be.

ELIMINATION – JOE HENDRY (Over the top rope)

WINNER : Martin Kirby

The Rumble was so exciting, I loved it so much it was such a fun match. I liked some of the random stuff like the Dance Off and think I only missed one elimination. No Regrets Rumble is my highlight of the year now and can’t wait to see if they use some of these new faces in the future or not. I’d like to see more rotation of faces, some interesting build ups to many different stories and so on. We need more people in the Hardcore/Internet championship scene as a lot of the OG DEFIANT guys should be being elevated into main event and just below it for a good fresh feel to the Championship place.

Overall it was amazing.


OK so first off I want to point out one small flaw with the build up to this.

I liked the idea of Road to No Regrets BUT it was basically a PPV split into three parts. What this did was make it impossible to tell any real stories leading up to the actual PPV. It might have been a problem with not having either Aries or Bennett around on that taping day but hopefully now Rampage is champion and Primate is GM we won’t have that problem as I believe Built to Destroy is having a Road to Destruction thing as well.

Why this is a problem is that the Women’s Championship story for me has been messy ANYWAY. They don’t promote a healthy Women’s division so whilst the women steal the show 9 times out of 10 and we have some of the best in the world wrestling in that division but you can’t just have the title story and that is it. You need a side story like the men have, you need actual logically moments in the stories to build to matches as important as Last Man Standing Matches, you need more then they’ve given the women.

I mean to be fair the women were the ones that suffered most because Road to No Regrets was more like a mini-PPV cut up into segments for YouTube but still a PPV. It had no story moments carrying it forward, it had no backstage moments and it had no room for the midcard women’s division which isn’t important enough to have small matches on a PPV.

If they are doing a Road to Destruction in the same form as this they NEED to at least give some story driven moments to everyone. The rematch between Aussie Open and Havoc/Haskins made sense because of rematch clauses but it would have been nice at some point since the Primate/Havoc split to have given Aussie Open SOMETHING to do that made them feel like more then just place holders. They can build a good story but they need to want to build a story.

No Regrets ended up being a great show but you couldn’t help but feel it would have been better if Road to No Regrets had just been normal DEFIANT shows instead of what it was. I struggled to get past the first match because whilst it was a fantastic match it was a PPV main event worthy match that then was followed by something like Drake vs Amir Jordan. It just didn’t work for me.

Loved every match on the card, not a weak on in sight. All titles on the line with a 50/50 split of changes. Happy that the Aries story is over as he’s obviously way too busy to be champion of DEFIANT and you might have guessed I hate champions who aren’t around a lot. I get it with Aries I just don’t like it personally. Also happy the Bennett experiment is over with and we have a guy in charge who will be there week in week out to promote these stories and put the focus back on building up to the PPVs hopefully.

Rumble biased makes it my favourite match of the night but other then that I really likedΒ  Walter vs Banks which was just wonderful.

Not sure what their schedule is in the next few weeks but hoping it builds on this and does something fantastic.

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