DEFIANT Wrestling : Road to No Regrets

I know this came out in three parts on YouTube and has been up for ages but I have been busy and kept meaning to review it and never got around to it but HERE I AM ready to review it late as always.

Winner : Walter

Well… It was a fight and a half really. You never thought that Starr was going to better Walter though the fact that anything went in the match meant that the win didn’t have to be pretty.

Problem is the beating Starr took didn’t have to look pretty either and it didn’t.

The no rope break rule just meant that we got to see Walter basically hang Starr in the ropes a few times, it would have been helpful for Starr if he could have got the three count with his foot on the ropes but it just didn’t happen.

Walter was confident and just destroyed Starr, Starr fought back but you just never thought he’d be able to tumble the giant. Having Banks at ringside commentating made the whole story so much more amazing.

Walter vs Banks is going to be amazing.

Winner :

Not sure why we needed this match again but it was probably my favourite encounter of theirs. Drake has looked amazing recently even though he keeps being beaten and he took his frustration and anger out on Jordan who had to use his speed and find openings where he could to fight back.

I mean there were moments in it still that were lackluster, especially the ending which was poor in execution. It puts Drake up 2-1 over Jordan but it didn’t feel like a full stop to their matches, I feel it needs to either end or at least have something to make you care about it going forward. I mean unless Drake beats him again and goes 3-1 up then we need two matches to make it a draw again then get a final winner… It just should end now.

It didn’t feel like a ending though and I feel its because it didn’t have a good enough build up and that ending just… Wasn’t impactful enough.


Loving bad guy Kidd. Him coming down to the ring and just sitting in the ring and not talking was great. Obviously I’d have enjoyed this much more if I cared one iota for Ameen but I don’t so whilst it was great work for Kidd and a much needed new direction for such a wonderfully talented and fun wrestler I’m hoping this doesn’t last long and he can move on from all this and into something more interesting.

It amazes me when the story is someone is going to come down to make the save and they let the beat down last for so long. I mean I guess Kirby must have needed time to get to the ring and all but it just felt way too long for it to mean anything that Kirby came down for the save. It gives me hope that it’ll be Kidd vs Kirby and not Ameen but I worry I’ll have to sit through a Ameen match. I really do worry.

Winner : Justin Sysum

It was a interesting bout, obviously Sysum had a strength advantage and Cruz couldn’t really build any momentum with him because whatever he did Sysum could just power out of. Even the normal throwing him out of the ring for space didn’t work as Sysum just held onto the ropes.

Match was too slow, Sysum always feels disjointed when I see him wrestle, he kind of plods into position. As the story was him over powering Cruz, a story he always seems to tell too, it meant that most of the time it just looked clunky which made it hard to watch. Cruz was fantastic though, really loved him trying to distract the ref, the low below, the feet on the ropes. He worked his ass off to tell a story and get the crowd going which they never really did which made the match so much more boring.

The 450 from Sysum both times were poor, extremely poor and I don’t know why he thinks its a good idea to do it.

Said it when I used to see him live down here years ago and will say it again. No idea what people see in him. Cruz was the only thing worth watching in the match.

Winner : No Fun Damien Dunne

Really liked the beginning with the megaphone and Dunne using it. I mean it didn’t distract from a really great opening and was nice being able to hear Dunne’s voice complaining. Lynsky taking the megaphone and screaming he’s the law at Dunne is my favourite thing ever.

It continued to be a fantastic match all the way through and so much more fun then the match before it. Brookes was fantastic and Dunne looked to find anyway around his offence.

Loved that it was another surprise win for Dunne, fantastic finish to the match.

Winner : Rampage

Rampage came out to sign the contract which wasn’t in its briefcase but was apparently in El Ligero’s pants…

It let us see a very confident Rampage chase after Ligero whilst defending against chairs being thrown at him. Sadly the ref didn’t let Rampage put Ligero through a table as the match was a out of a blue thing that Rampage basically made I don’t get why it couldn’t have been no DQ.

When Ligero took the ref out it went a little chaotic which made it even better. Loved the story of whether or not Ligero could steal the briefcase two years in a row. Never understood why you would be able to call down a second ref who would ignore the fact that Ligero should have been DQ’d for hitting the other ref as well as everything else that happened between that ref going down and the new ref appearing. Its a weird wrestling thing.

It was a great win for Rampage going into his championship match. End of the match was fantastic with the one Piledriver and then Rampage deciding not to cover Ligero and go for a second one to make a point. Can’t wait for his championship match.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

Liking the new Kidd, said it above but he came out to no music and just worked on Kirby giving him no time to breath or speed the pace up. He looked dangerous and in charge and it was a big step in the right direction for him.

It was a fascinating match to watch.

Loved when Kirby did his Stop thing and Kidd didn’t play along and just slapped his hand out of the way and took Kirby down. When Kidd went for the big move onto the outside you actually felt worried about Kirby. Whilst Kidd got better slowly after his losing streak this is the first time he just owned the ring completely, its weird how well suited he seems to be as a bad guy.

Wonderful win for the new born Kidd. I am so excited to see what DEFIANT are doing with him. SO VERY EXCITED FOR KIDD.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

You know it took me so long to catch up with this that the stories leading to this are kind of forgotten to me but why are we having this match?

Either way I never have liked these two on their own in a match so wasn’t really looking forward to the match when I realised that was what we were getting.

It was the better of the matches, much more engaging and enjoyed it a lot. I don’t think I’m a fan of KLR’s style, I don’t think she’s terrible I just don’t enjoy watching her which is OK I can’t like everyone obviously. At some points the match felt like it was petering out with not much actually going on but mainly Millie did something out of the blue that I really enjoyed like her Octopus Stretch, nearly as good looking as Chris Brookes.

Still not a fan of anyone who does a Suplex thing. Also don’t like the whole “that doesn’t effect me” thing and Millie does it too often, KLR does it on the weirdest of moves and it just doesn’t work at all when its so over done in one single match.

Did love the swinging kick on the outside from KLR though, don’t think I’ve ever seen her do it but its probably my favourite thing she’s ever done.

Good match though.

Winners : Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins

I’m really sad that Aussie Open just never felt like they had a chance. The moment Haskins and Havoc teamed up again it just felt like they were going to get the belts. They also only just got their own entrance in this match as BT Gunn and Joe Coffey repaid the favour from Lights Out and attacked Havoc and Haskins from behind.

Forgetting that and it was my match of the whole three shows. All six of the men are amazing to watch, great chemistry and team work from all of them. Action was constant all the time without being overly distracting, so many different styles in the ring too. I’m extremely biased as I really like all six of the men as tag team wrestlers and singles wrestlers and for a good reason.

Haskins roll through to a Death Valley Driver, the chops to Havoc after he interrupted a chop war between Davis and Coffey, Havoc throwing around chairs at ring side… Like I’m just listing amazing moments that were in like the whole of 5 minutes of the match but it was exciting and fun.

What I really like about Haskins and I feel I’ll talk about him a lot is that he’s so frantic, he’s like a little dog full of energy just charging around the place. How he moves doesn’t always look elegant or even like he’s in control of all his body parts but you don’t want to take your eyes off him. That with the mouth of Havoc and how he’ll just basically do just about anything whether it kills him or not just make them a exciting team and it doesn’t surprise me they won the belts I’m just sour that Aussie Open didn’t get a nice long dominant run with them.


I saw this as soon as DEFIANT put it up on YouTube. It is just horrible to watch, so sad because I love Primate. Good guy and hope that he heals up as best he can and has the best luck with his training school. Guy was just amazing.


Honestly I think Part 2 was my favourite, starting with Cruz vs Sysum and just the happiness of seeing Cruz on DEFIANT, followed by the fantastic bout with Dunne and Brookes after that we ended with Rampage and Ligero which was fun.

Don’t know what it was but the crowd seemed dead the whole three parts. It was kind of sad because DEFIANT usually have pretty decent crowds.

Overall it was a great show, even if split into three, really enjoyed the matches and it got better with every match. The tag team match was just ridiculously fantastic, Rampage shone and we got the sad news of Primate. Loved everything about it to be honest.

I know its way too late to be reviewing it really but we thought we’d get the review out. I will get the No Regrets one out as soon as possible but it made me excited for DEFIANT again.


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