CPW 10 : No Turning Back Now

So a very unique venue to go to a wrestling show but I headed down to Bodmin Jail for Cornish Pro Wrestling. The show promised to be a good night with the main event being my favourite The Winner PJ Jones vs my other favourite Joseph Conners.

Winner : The Enforcer Richard Jago

I say it all the time that the opening match is so important in setting the tone and pace of the night and I think this was a great way to open the show.

It was short but fun with Adam Flint announcing he’d beat anyone in Cornwall to prove Devon’s dominance, running away from the much bigger Jago before being dragged back to the ring and just murdered by the bigger Cornish wrestler. It had great use of the area as well, its a unique venue with upper balconies that were well used all night but specially with this one.

Whilst it made Jago look bad ass it also was a stepping stone for the slow decline of the Kings Court as Jason King came own after the match to kick Joe Obrey out after the loss. Wasn’t more then it had to be whilst furthering a pretty big story.


So Dom came out demanding to know why he didn’t have a wrestling match tonight. Terry couldn’t really give him a answer so Dom went out of his way to beat up someone in the crowd he dubbed Jesus before JP came out in a mask to put a stop to the beat down and… Got beat down himself.

Dom promised to come out later to cause more havoc if he didn’t have a match. Really loved this as you don’t get to see much story telling in some of the shows I go to but this was a running thread through the night and not only that it seems to be a running thing through the shows in general. Its nice to have that story going because it makes people want to see what Dom is going to do next.

Winner : Blake Harrison

Honestly I missed a bunch of stuff in this match for reasons I obviously can’t go into.

What I did see was pretty fun. I loved the staple bit on the outside, Harrison had way too much fun stapling paper onto Bainsly’s head, plenty of random weapons on the outside. I came back to see a lot of Lego in the ring and have to say I understand Harrison’s hatred of Lego because that shit hurts.

Happy that I came back in time for Bainsly laying out a whole bunch of tacks on a metal chair just for him to go up to suplex Harrison onto them and get thrown on them himself. It was a great end to the match which looked like it was a lot of fun.

It probably has been about a year since I saw Harrison wrestle last and the guy is like a completely different person. Improved so much, looks so much more confident and really was amazing. Extremely impressed with him and can’t wait to see him again.


Remember Vixxen? Remember how much I loved her? Well I love her even more now.

CPW give her the chance to come out and talk on the mic, she’s with Dom again but we got to see her personality shine. Her bit didn’t really seem to have much to do with anything but it honestly didn’t matter because she came out, was a funny bitch and left again promising to be out with Dom later on.

Loved seeing this, always thought that other companies didn’t use her enough or in the ways that she needed to be used. Some places treated her just like a pretty face and that was a shame because as she proved here she’s so good. At everything.

Winner : Saxon Huxley

I’ve probably said it a million times but Jason King is one of the most entertaining men you’ll ever see do just about anything. He’s a good sport because 90% of the time the joke is very much on him but he plays the part so well and you can’t help want him to fail even when you are his fan. When he does fail he does so spectacularly.

Perfect amount of messing about before the match with Jason opening his gob and demanding pose offs with the Muscle Cat Saxon Huxley.

Match wise and Huxley used his strength to overpower the smaller guy but you can never count King to stay down. He was pretty impressive in the match against a stronger foe using his scrappy way of fighting to bring the big man down. It didn’t work and Jason ended up losing but it was a great fight. Huxley was impressive and to be fair a little bit of why Jason lost was because Adam Flint came to help him and got in the way instead. It lead to the final blow up of the Kings Court which broke my heart really.

Saxon Huxley is amazing to watch live but I’m always going to be biased towards Jason King. I say all the time he’s entertaining but the man has such a flexible in ring style that he can go up against pretty much anyone and the match is going to look amazing. I can’t wait to see what he does in the coming shows at CPW because if I wasn’t sold on the show anyway I would have been the second I saw this story play out. Jason King continues to be one of the best things about wrestling in the West Country.

Winner : White Tiger

First up it was such a shame to see Tyler get hurt in the match, I missed what happened but I’ve been told he has a broken nose. He looked great the little he was in the match though and I hope he gets better soon.

Philips was a great bad guy and White Tiger was so easy to love, the two of them had great chemistry in the match, it was a shame that Hawke had to leave to be honest because it was slowly gaining a lot of momentum and could have been the match of the night.

As it is I did get distracted as I was worried about Tyler, simply one of the best guys I’ve ever met and sad to see him get hurt, but I really loved Philips.

Winner : Mad Dog Vinnie Clay

Personally it was my favourite match of the night.

Like pretty much everyone on the show I haven’t seen either Clay or Harding for like a year now and whilst it doesn’t surprise me that Clay has improved so much I was surprised at how it seems that Harding has kind of reinvented himself a little bit. It was like watching the two of them for the first time.

Good story telling, you could see both wanted to win the Trophy and put everything into it. Harding was flying out there with much more confidence off the ropes then usual, though I’m happy he still screams brainbuster every time he’s about to hit one it wouldn’t be a Harding match without it, his reversal on the outside where he bounced off the ropes and I think countered Clay into a DDT or something was breath taking even if I can’t remember what he reversed it into.

Was just a really good match.

After Clay won Dom and Vixxen both came out, Dom attacked Clay and honestly had the moment of the night where he chucked Clay off of the balcony. It was a great moment and regardless of how cynical or whatever you are of wrestling now it just takes your breath away. Big props to Clay for doing it, looked nasty but the guy is the ultimate pro and was out and meeting fans after the show too.

Link to the balcony throw which is on the CPW YouTube is : https://youtu.be/fm_rp6ueTME

Winner : PJ Jones

I’m not good at coming up with dream matches but the moment I realised this was a match that was happening I realised it was a match I probably always wanted to see.

Conners as you might have seen is one of my absolute favourites and PJ Jones has ALWAYS been my absolute favourite so seeing them both in the ring together was amazing. It was a fantastic match too, whilst I love the Winner I never really thought about him in big matches like this but he really shone next to one of the best in the UK.

It wasn’t hung up on the shenanigans though, they came into play at the end and helped PJ Jones retain his title, thought Alice might have been more involved but she wasn’t which meant that we got a really good and competitive match.

After the match Terry made the match for the next show Jones vs Jimmy Havoc, I mean they already had me but that is a must see match.


Its nice to see a lot of faces that I haven’t seen in a long time. The one CPW show I went too was one of my favourites of the year I went too it and its good to see it still has the great atmosphere and feeling to the shows.

Really strong roster with some of my absolute favourite wrestlers. Its been so long that a good chunk of these guys are just so different, so much more confident and focused that it was like finding them for the first time.

Favourite match was the trophy match, Harding and Clay were amazing and stole the show. They also have two really strong entrance songs so they get you pumped up before the match has even begun. They along with King, Jones and Dom are absolutely the most entertaining guys you’ll see. They have the personalities as well as the talent to make you care about everything they do. I mean King and Flint are bad guys but even people who hated them felt something when King turned his back on Flint.

Also can’t believe its taken me this long to find out that Dom and Harding trained Adam Pacitti, you’d think with my love of Adam would have led me to watch his documentary and know this before now. Obviously this meant even more love and respect to those two.

So many stories as well, its one thing I’ve always said shows down here lack. It is semi-important to have these stories to make people want to come back to other shows and CPW are the first to really push stories that I believe will be concluded or carried on in the future.

Like Dom running wild and demanding a match at the next show or there will be worse things then what happened to Mad Dog… Well how can you not want to see what Terry does next? Or if Dom will just kill someone? Will Mad Dog get revenge for what happened to him? You have to go to the show to find out.

The Kings Court being torn apart by King’s need to win and feeling held back. Does this mean a more serious Jason King? Will Joe and Adam rejoin each other to fight back against their common enemy? You have to go to the show to find out.

Even something as simple as who is going to beat PJ Jones feels like something important. He isn’t just a champion showing up for a fight and leaving he’s a presence that you want to see thwarted but you have to wait to see who is going to thwart him.

The Bodmin Jail venue was amazing, it gave them so much more they could do and just made the event feel bigger. Even up in the balcony you felt like you were right up against the action all the time and it was a great atmosphere all around.

Blake Harrison and Vinnie Clay proved everything I’ve ever said about them. Both of them are going to be top talents. Clay is just a natural and Harrison is growing all the time. Both of them were amazing.

Have to say a thank you to John Harding who came out and said hello to me when I couldn’t make it to the Meet & Greet, guy is a absolute gent.

Also was really nice getting to talk to one of the photographers at the show who had the GREATEST t-shirt on which marked him as the bearded weirdo. His name is Rick but he was super cool and it was nice to hear from him how he likes working for CPW because he’s taking their photos for them, it just proved how much love and passion the Spellers are putting into CPW because they are bringing in people to do jobs like taking the promo photos to steer it in the direction they want, they are fully in charge of their image which I like.

Overall it was just a really good night and I can’t wait to go to their next show.

Their next show has Jimmy Havoc, CCK and Bram on it so its a must see show. Gonna be a great night.

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