Mahou Shoujo Site : The Successor and the Transfer Student

Episode 4

With the Site Admin now looking to hand power over to Sarina the world is getting so much more dangerous for Aya.

Honestly the most horror inducing thing in this series manages to be the Site Admin. Just that voice along with the black and white picture of that ugly looking face with the pigtails that seems to have been transported off a screen into reality. Its really pretty creepy.

Whatever it is planning it has enlisted Sarina to do the job that apparently they had told Shioi to do and gather the remaining Magical Girl sticks. It doesn’t make too much sense though for me, if the Site Admin is the one that is giving out the sticks then surely if he wanted them back he could just take them? It makes you wonder if the Tempest isn’t some big event that is going to happen but just a motive to make people kill each other?

Sarina is just a bully through and through though, the Admin doesn’t seem to care what the hard circumstances are surrounding your life he’ll give them to anyone. Whilst we learnt that she was just a Queen Bee in the classroom who Aya couldn’t say thank you too because of her nerves it doesn’t give her the right to do what she did and the things that happened to her and her friends was deserved. Its funny how having your throat cut open doesn’t make you see the error of your ways it just deepens your belief that you are in the right and you have the right to make someone else’s life a misery.

With Nijimi now leaving the Idol work and coming to school with the rest of them it gave Sarina the perfect time not only to focus her attention on three separate sticks but also to put a wedge between Nijimi and the others when she shows Nijimi just where the Magical Hunter she’s looking for is.

Yatsumura looks in a bad condition in the episode as she seems to succumb to using her power too much, it leaves a sad scene where Aya is with her in the room she’s got her families killer tied up and is torturing him. Yatsumura’s story is extremely sad.

Then there is the brother as well. I mean sure he’s a shit and no one will ever feel sorry for him but you get the feeling this is all down to his dad. I mean who punches their overly intelligent kid just for having bad grades? I mean he see’s the world as being beneath him, he comes face to face with Nijimi’s biggest fan so I wonder if they end up doing something awful together, but a lot of the rage seems to be directed at his dad and he takes it out on Aya.

Instead of getting all upset he can’t tie his sister up and torture him maybe he should find a better hobby.

The horrible thing is that he’s probably have friends if he wasn’t such a fucked up little shit.

Overall whilst none of the episodes since the opener have been jaw droppingly awful to watch this episode in particular matches it just for that uneasy feeling in your stomach.

You have the Site Admin giving power to one of the most horrible people we’ve met, we have traumatic stories and have to spend so much time with some of the worst of the worst. It isn’t a easy episode to watch just because of how awful some of the characters are.

Loving the series though.


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