Caligula : People who do not respect themselves will not be respected by others!

Episode 4

“Jibun no sonzai o mitomenai ningen wa, tanin kara mo sonkei sarenai.” (自分の存在を認めない人間は、他人からも尊敬されない。)

Will Ritsu actually listen to Shogo now he’s the one that went to find him?

He actually does and we actually get a explanation for what is going on.

What we’ve learnt this episode is that Mobius was created by μ and Aria, what they are I don’t think Aria really knows but they were wandering the internet and got sad seeing all the sadness so created Mobius and transported the minds of people who had a strong reaction to μ song.

It was a rather long and boring explanation and long overdue.

We then got all the main characters group up just randomly. Shogo had posted on Twitter for anyone like him to meet him in a certain place, I guess that must have been what Ritsu saw last episode but everyone else except for Suzuna ends up there and they go to save her just because she won’t answer her phone to Kotaro.

So problems I still have.

Its so long winded all the time that I just can’t keep my attention for long enough to actually get what is going on. The characters just don’t speak to me at all either, Mifue for example seems to change her attitude more then she blinks, the reporter whose name I still haven’t figured out or really care about is the most interesting but only because I think she’s funny. Suzuna wasn’t too bad in the episode but I’ll talk about her more in a moment. Ritsu and Shogo are kind of bland and boring and together seem to make up one character whilst Kotaro is sweet but we haven’t really learnt much about him other then he’s impulsive, head strong and determined to keep Suzuna safe.

They’ve all taken this new world and what they are seeing way too well when you think that it hasn’t been that long since all the crazy stuff happened to them and they just seem to have accepted it.

At the moment it seems like a lot of skipping around the place and no real substance to the whole thing.

Suzuna was explored more in this episode, it seems that she was lonely after being bullied or something, again the scenes before it were too heavy and too confusing for me to even process what was going on, the person she met in the library was some guy that seemed to be turning people into dolls so that he wouldn’t be alone.

Again too much talking, too much going on, too little interest to fully comprehend the whole situation but I think I got it.

What was amazing was the whole talk about Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, it was a lovely little story being told in between all the bullshit that we have to deal with in this series. I loved how they explored whether Smeagol was really just lonely and wanted to be a part of something with Sam or Frodo and we actually learnt a great deal about Suzuna.

Still not sure with this show though. I really have no concrete feelings for it. Forgettable and confusing as hell. Its like a complete mess of ideas being thrown at the wall and whatever didn’t fall off got to stay in the episode.


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