Silicon Valley : Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Episode 6

We’ve now seen it all when we were introduced to Ariel and his robot Fiona who he sexually abused. There must be some kind of fall out for Richard outing him.

I liked the episode much more then the rest this season.

Fiona’s story is now over as Laurie takes over as CEO of Eklow and after Richard returns Fiona to her she takes her apart. What Fiona’s story gave us this week though was to be reminded once more that Richard never learns any kind of lesson, Laurie isn’t human even if she can shock you with human emotions once or twice and Jared is even sadder then we already thought he was.

What I don’t like much is that Richard just really doesn’t learn and whilst he learns in a episode it doesn’t spread out for longer then that episode. We’ve seen a much crueler and business/success focused Richard all season just for him to take pity on Laurie after seeing her throw up and then be surprised that she’d screw him over when she came through it. He constantly does what people like Jared tells him not to do even though that is Richard’s problem nearly all the time, if he just listened to Jared more he’d probably get further along faster and the main problem is that he then lands on his feet by the end of the episode so it isn’t actually that strange that he wouldn’t listen to anyone because he can just forget that he had any prior problems and just mark it as a win.

It was the poorer part of the episode for me.

Then again it did help with the story with Jared who bonds with Fiona and doesn’t want to give her back.

Why I said it makes Jared even more sadder then we already thought he was is that he really does dote on Richard and Richard really doesn’t notice it so he basically falls in love with a robot who is programmed basically to learn from the people she’s interacting with. You piece every little thing we’ve learnt about him and its just not the happiest life in the world and Jared is actually a nice guy. Its pretty depressing.

I guess what I liked about the episode was the Dinesh vs Gilfoyle stuff and the rest of the office getting one over on both of them. I don’t know why they’ve made Dinesh such a dumb ass character in this season because I was always under the impression that the two of them were pretty much as good as the other just in different fields so making him look so bad is kind of annoying. It did give us a very forced catch up basically on all the interaction with these two the season has been missing but now I’m thinking about it properly I’m actually pretty sad about that too.

Plus its the first episode that seems to have actually decided to follow a thread built up in other stories and wipes the series hands with Jian Yang and his version of Pied Piper whilst introducing a new threat. As Gavin Belson finds Jian Yang and realises that he’s doing enough work to make his project different from Richard’s that Gavin could buy it out and use it himself he then gets beaten to the punch by a Chinese business man that he looked down on.

Now they have Gavin actually doing things and with his little group back around him he tends to be the more interesting part of the show.

Overall a better episode though.

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