Caligula : Why do we live? The further we pursue the meaning of life, the more confused we become.

Episode 3

“Naze, ikite iru no ka? jinsei ni tsuite tsukitsumete ike ba iku hodo, konran shite shimau.” (何故、生きているのか?人生について突き詰めて行けば行くほど、混乱してしまう。)

Again we try and figure out what the heck is going on with this anime…

Once again I’m not sure I actually know what is going on.

I think most of them have figured it out that they are in a virtual world called Mobius now. I mean Ritsu had it pretty much spelled out when he got to the edge of the mapped world and went to find Shogo, I’m not too sure about the female and male character that are together but she wanted to go to the library to find someone and then you have the reporter and Mifue who come face to face with Sweet-P and wakes up the reporter.

Before we talk about that I guess I should say the reason that I’m not sure about the episode is because we have something called the Musician which Sweet-P belongs to and they seem to be the ones that are controlling this. So whilst μ seems to be the actual Mobius program there are a handful of characters that seem to be in charge and not happy that people have “woken up”.

So with Ritsu he woke up I guess because of hearing the message in the song, I don’t know if that was the same for the others or if Mifue woke up after wishing for her mother to not be so gaunt and be able to eat with her and waking up to find a completely new mother.

I mean it doesn’t have to be the song. When the reporter goes to the tea party and kind of see’s Sweet-P for what she really is she wakes up in this episode.

Mifue only went and played along with the tea party to find out where her mum was and was not happy to find out that she had deleted her own mother, I don’t think she really believes it but then again I don’t blame her, it isn’t something easy to understand or believe in. To be honest the whole tea party thing was kind of weird and confusing, I don’t think I totally got it, but it looks like Sweet-P was trying to get Mifue to realise that she has ugliness in her heart, her hatred of fat people, and that its her own prejudices that have done this to her.

Whatever this is.

Wherever they are doing this.

I mean I’m not so worried about ever finding out what it is that is going on I’d be happy just to find out what the point of all this is now.

So Mifue is now with the reporter, Ritsu is with Shogo and the other two have split up.

Oh and the guy from the last episode that I thought had something to do with the reporter is actually one of these Musician people.

So yeah, there is all that.


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