Week 18 Question : Have Gadgets Taken Away Emotions

We’ve all seen the memes, heard everyone complain about millennial’s being obsessed with gadgets and becoming more detached to the world around them and we all know Jeremy Kyle’s big problem with gadgets, social media and what they do to relationships etc…

Does the rise in usage of gadgetry really mean we’re losing our emotions?

How many people do you know who will get a text with bad news and be sad?

Someone who finds a photo on someone’s Facebook that makes them jealous?

People who spew hate messages online day and night?

Rage quitters and toxic players?

Friends who are constantly looking for sympathy for absolutely nothing online?

All the drama… All the celebrations… The Sharing….

Just because my generation might have a different way of sharing our emotions doesn’t mean they aren’t there and the advancement of gadgets, the fact we carry our whole social circle with us in our pocket 24/7, has just heightened our emotions and given us a whole new way to lash out when angry, celebrate when overjoyed, stalk people when your madly in love with them and can’t be close to them and feel like your heart might just explode in sadness if you don’t look at a photo of their face at least once every fifteen moments or so….

ANYWAY, I mean you’ve heard of the snowflake generation? That mean name people have given to younger generations who actually fucking care about other people?

We can see the damage and destruction all over the globe and now are growing up to feel the pain of people we don’t know, normal every day people who are in so much pain. When we all rally for the betterment of these people we’re called snowflakes yet at the same time our generation doesn’t have the emotional capabilities of the older generations because we’re always on our phones?


Advancement in technology has meant that we changed the way we see the world, see other people and learn about events we might never have heard about before.

Our generation for some odd reason get tagged as caring too much and not caring enough at the same time.

So for me the answer is 100% no. Its changed how we might share our emotions but we’re also breaking down the door to allow EVERYONE to share their emotions. I grew up in the 90s and always heard how boys shouldn’t show their emotions because it was girly, this in a way makes it hard for boys who needed a outlet and was told to suck it up, through people starting to understand things like this and sharing experiences in places, non-toxic places before you start, like Reddit, Tumblr or Facebook we’re breaking down this ridiculous notion that boys don’t have feelings, that women are over emotional and that other people are foreign aliens who don’t feel at all compared to you.

I mean it does also go the other way, now you can be made to feel bad about feeling bad because someone somewhere else has it worse then you BUT this all still points to us all having feelings.


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