Persona 5 : Steal it, if you can

Episode 4

It looks like we’re actually going to end the Kamoshida story in this episode so it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

To be honest my favourite part of the whole episode was Sojiro just like accepting that Ren brought a cat home. He’s always kind of come across as being a bit of a dick but I guess it hasn’t been easy for him regardless of how he feels about Ren. The fact he just lets him have a pet in the cafe made him seem a whole bunch cooler.

Final battle with Kamoshida was OK. It was a nice ending to the opening story of the show but I can’t help but feel that it felt rushed. I liked that we got to see the kids actually tell the Shadow how they felt and see it kind of react to them in a way, him confessing in front of the whole school was a nice touch instead of it being done in private and the fact that Shiho woke up meant we ended on a happy note.

As I said a OK episode.

Don’t really think the final form that they battled of Kamoshida was done justice in the anime to be honest, don’t know if its exactly like in the game and this is the last time I’mm going to say that I promise, what I mean by that is purely that I think it looked really creepy and pervy but it kind of didn’t work overall. Whilst it had form and you could see it the effect didn’t work fully and it kind of felt like looking at a colourful, meaningless blob.

To be honest the fighting scenes whilst fun at times really aren’t working for me. It doesn’t help that there are so many of them either, I feel they could have probably scaled down on that side and increased the story because it just isn’t working for me.

Not really getting the relationship between the three main characters either. I know that they have that thrown together thing but Ren is so pointless at all times. He doesn’t have a personality and doesn’t really do anything to the plot. I get that he’s going to be the most important character but they haven’t injected him with personality. You can’t just have a computer character thrown into a TV show and do nothing with them but give them generic character movements and replies. You have to infuse him with a little of some personality.

Overall its been a decent story though, probably watching it all together will make it a ton more fun then individually.

I have READ the comment that was left on the last review I’ve just been too lazy to reply but it was interesting to hear that the Palaces we’re visiting or the Shadows within them at least represent one of the deadly sins. I’m guessing Kamoshida was Lust? I mean there is plenty of Pride in there but as Takamaki was very prominent in his Castle as a sex symbol I’m going with Lust. I don’t know if it was said in the episode but can’t remember it being mentioned. I don’t think they did enough to really get across just how bad Kamoshida was which is actually a shame because he was a nasty piece of work and whilst it was obviously mentioned it could have been more then it was.

Interested to see where it goes next. Guessing it might be outside of the school but the principal looked very worried, I mean to be fair he had just had his favourite teacher admit to sexually and physically abusing his students so it could just be that. Plus am I the only person who thinks he looks like the Kingpin from Marvel?


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