Gegege No Kitaro : The Taboo of the Mysterious Forest

Episode 4

“Fushigi no Mori no Kinki” (不思議の森の禁忌)

Slightly different episode this week as we joining Yuka on a adventure in Gegege Forest!

I keep saying that I want to see more of the calm side of all this and this is what we got in the episode.

It was nice just being able to walk about Gegege Forest and see a whole bunch of different Yokai just going about their business, it was also nice to see Yuka being so respectful of his surroundings as well. Of course there had to be something dangerous going on so that Kitaro got his point across once more that the human world and Yokai world shouldn’t be mixing, this time out it was Yuka picking a berry off a tree and awakening a very angry Yokai who marked him.

Interesting to know what the mark was, personally I thought it was like the mark of his warning so something that could come back to haunt him in future episodes. He is now marked as “knowing” and if he makes another mistake whilst in the Gegege Forest or maybe just around a Yokai then he will be punished because he should now know better.

Whilst there isn’t really much to the episode I loved that it opened the world up a lot. We now know there are just hundreds of Yokai and half human half Yokai out there that could do all sorts of damage. Even nice ones can turn bad if you do something to upset them. It’ll be interesting to see if Mana ever gets to the Forest as she doesn’t believe that Yuka did. Also it would be interesting to know how Yuka got there in the first place as I’m guessing Mana would have guessed that he crawled through the gap and would have tried herself just not to have found a way in. What opened the door for him?

I guess this is the episode that I’ve been waiting for and it wasn’t too bad!

Again love how they all had to come together to figure out the problem, also that we saw that Kitaro isn’t all knowing, Daddy Eyeball had to stop him attacking and make him think about what it was he should be doing instead to help the angry Yokai.

Plus Ratman was in the episode and not a bad guy so it was all good.

Kind of wonder why after everything that has happened to her that Mana doesn’t believe that Yuka has been to the forest. It would have to be based on her being with the body for a longish time but at the same time him maybe not being gone in our world for long enough for him to have had this adventure and be found by her and woken up? It would have been interesting to have seen some sort of timeline for Mana at the same time. It made no sense that she would just think he was dreaming when she knows the crazy stuff that happens with Kitaro.

Then again he didn’t really argue the point either so it could be said that he just didn’t mind her not knowing.

It was a fun episode.


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