Gegege No Kitaro : Tantanbo’s Yokai Castle

Episode 3

“Tantanbō no Yōkai-jou” (たんたん坊の妖怪城)

Another episode fighting bad Yokai and saving the day. This time its the Tantanbo that is causing havoc in the human world.

I really love this series, I honestly think its one of the most fun things I’ve ever watched. Every character is just engaging and fun and I’m having a blast watching it.

This episodes Tantanbo was actually pretty creepy in its own way, the way it seemed to just be unstoppable, spitting out cement and kidnapping kids. It was a good bad guy. Its two friends were pretty cool too.

Reading about where Tantanbo originated from it seems to be a trickster Yokai which in itself would have just been a fun episode. A giant floating head scaring people, I guess encasing them into stone to make the pillars of your castle so that you become invincible and can turn all humans into Yokai is probably a more engaging then a giant floating head scaring people.

What the episode was really about was bonding Kitaro and Mana together. Mana wants to help Kitaro and feels part of the world he lives in already, she isn’t really aware of the trouble she can get into by helping but she wants to help and she does during the episode. Kitaro is smart enough to know that its too dangerous for a human to meddle, Yokai are too strong for a human to fight and as we see in this episode Mana isn’t really the kind that can escape from them very easily.

By the end of the episode though I think Kitaro realises that there is no point in saying all this because at the end of the day all Mana wants is to be his friend and she is now open to his world, as can be seen when she was the only one that could see the pillars in the stadium, so she’s in trouble regardless of whether or not they are friends.

Again it was nice to see a variety of characters as well with the Sand Witch, Grampa Crybaby, Wally and Rollo all joining in the fight to bring down the Tantanbo. I like all of the characters and hope we continue to see more from all of them.

Really enjoying the series if I’m honest.


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