Mahou Shoujo Site : The Princess and the Poison Apple

Episode 3

“Doku ringo to o hime-sama” (毒りんごとお姫さま)

Our dark look into the world of Magical Girls continues as Aya and Tsuyuno continue on their quest to understand Tempest whilst just survive their shitty lives.

This episode was so interesting for a number of reasons.

First off because we were introduced not only to another Magical Girl, Nijimi, but the consequences of what the Magical Girl Hunter Shioi.

Nijimi is a strange one and I wasn’t too sure how to take having a bubbly little idol in the show to begin with. I mean it really messed up the pacing of the episode which was BRILLIANT in the end. You are on this journey into a dark, dark place with a girl who is a human punching bag and another that seems to lack any emotion and now here is a idol sparkling brightly with some really over the top comedy moments.

Then they get her alone and we find out that she was friends with someone that Shioi had killed and was only saved because her magical power is actually probably one of the most useful and scary of all. She wants to kill Shioi, she’s obsessed with the idea of killing her. So she’s kind of two sides of a coin right now. Will she be a good guy or a bad guy? Its hard to tell.

We’re also introduced to her super fan who by the shady way he acts throughout the episode is obviously going to pop up as a threat later on.

The story itself is moving forward with Aya’s brother now onto her a little bit and Aya and Tsuyuno both trying to find the other Magical Girls in the book that they found with Shioi.

What’s actually scary though is that whilst they are trying to find a way to get the information out of Shioi, Sarina the last remaining bully has just been introdced to the site admin. The thought that Sarina will have a magical ability is probably the most depressing in the world.

So to be honest this episode felt like not much happened but a lot really did and it made you so much more excited for what is yet to come.

I don’t know if they will revive Shioi but it seems a bad idea to have her revived even if they want information from her. The idea of using Nijimi’s power of making anyone do what they want seemed like a good one till they realised that she’d just kill Shioi on sight. I’d like to see them actually work with Nijimi in the future though as she’s a interesting character and I loved that she brought a whole new and kind of relentlessly bouncy new pace to the whole episode.

This whole series is a rollercoaster and I’m enjoying it very much.


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