Silicon Valley : Facial Recognition

Episode 5

Blame it on what you like but this season has yet to find its feet and with a decreased amount of episodes for the season that is a shame because it looks to be one of the weaker seasons of the whole series.

This episode goes a long way to fixing that problem. It felt like there had been character development and made you wish this was kind of the starting point of the season instead of the stupid stuff with him buying out companies and fighting with Jian Yang. I mean the threat of Jian Yang was pretty much waved away in this episode as it should have been as he is basically taking a gay dating site and a free internet to a country that probably won’t be happy to see either pop up, how is he going to hurt Richard in anyway? I’m sure we’ll find out at the end of the season or next season.

In this episode it felt like Richard had to grow up a little and whilst I feel the two stories being run together in this episode kind of took away from each other constantly it was a good step forward for both him and Jared.

Richard’s main problem in this episode was jealousy. He didn’t like that people seem to enjoy listening to Jared more then him, whilst Richard made a nice metaphor about a theme park and delivered it in a jerky and in your face way, Jared came up with one about how important cars became in the grand scheme of things and left manure obsolete, he told it in his usual Jared way which was charming and thoughtful and people enjoyed listening to him.

That is why Jared is COO and after all the fussing about Jared being COO and how Richard can’t talk to people it was kind of annoying that they ran a story about Richard being upset that someone he hires to be better at talking to people then him was better at talking to people then him. Hence I would have quite liked the COO story line and all the throwing up talking to HIS workers never to have happened.

Why it didn’t run smoothly with the other story in the episode was because Richard had to be much more assertive when things fucked up.

His delivery in his speech to the Octopipers was still jerky and pure Richard but he was much more confident and happy with himself. It just seemed odd to have a story where he was jealous because people liked listening to Jared in the same episode as this one where we finally see Richard be a proper CEO looking after his company.

I didn’t really like the whole robot thing, the guy in charge of that company was only there to be creepy and a total dick, the robot’s taking over the world conspiracy stuff was a very obvious Gilfoyle thing but it just felt boring. I’d have liked to have seen something more come from them joining with the games company seeing that it was a big part in the last episode and the guy who runs that company comes across as a strong character already. Also wouldn’t have minded if Dana had made a comeback as well.

I guess it was a good episode with a few flaws for me personally attached.

This season has a thing about starting something up and ending it really abruptly. Jian Yang kicks them out, we know from the past of this very show that it isn’t as easy as that, its hand waved away in the pre-credits bit the next episode with a whole “Richard is prejudice against Asains” gag then the final nail is hit when they bring in Big Head for a two second “look how stupid Big Head is” moment where he takes over the house and the 10% of Pied Piper.

Jian Yang runs away basically to make the same thing as Richard and its hand waved away as he’s going to China good luck to him and if he does make a business that rivals Richards then maybe its something to do with Richard and not Jian Yang.

Interesting characters like the guy in charge of the gaming site and Dana are introduced and important for one episode. Both had in my opinion great potential for interesting dynamics with Richard, the guy with the site still has whilst I feel we’ve seen the last of Dana.

Gavin’s whole story is just treading water. He wants to take down Pied Piper, he wants to have kids, he’s got a signature that looks like a penis, he keeps firing women for having a opinion… Nothing he’s doing is of any importance and it feels like they just wanted to make sure that they kept Matt Ross on TV without actually coming up with a purpose for him to be there.

The Stallions were a joke that bred the mole which was dealt with in seconds, lead to a uncomfortable thing with Gilfoyle and Denish and then seems to have been forgotten.

Its a long list of ideas that could have been great but were rushed, made unimportant and now just seem to be piling up as poor stories.

Also didn’t like Jared making a tit of himself. I think Richard needed to learn that he can’t be good at everything, a lesson he has now learnt a good 100 times without ever learning it, and that leaving Jared to do what Jared is good at means that he’s doing his job as a CEO. He gets all the praise that he needs from the people he needs them from he didn’t need to be the TV face of Pied Piper. Jared then making a fool of himself and Richard being able to save the day just felt like the show trying to big up Richard before yet another fall.

I actually found the episode extremely funny though.

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