Persona 5 : A Beautiful Rose Has Thorns!

Episode 3

I feel like all I’ve done is pick the most confusing and over the top anime’s to watch this season. I guess it is bringing me some joy but sometimes you just want everything to make sense.

First thing first I guess, I really like this show and it has made me want to play the game BUT the fighting scenes are too game like that it takes you out of them. I haven’t even played the game but I feel like I’m seeing the graphics from the game in the anime and its off putting, if it isn’t like that in the game then I don’t know why they’ve done it. Maybe not the fighting so much, its boring to watch like a Final Fantasy fight scene and doesn’t flow like a actual fight should but the little victory bit at the end very much does look like its been taken straight from the game and its just annoying at times.

Also very good game/anime logic in that one girl is being sexually abused/groomed by a teacher so her Persona outfit would be a dominatrix-esque, red cat suit.

I think when we go into the Palace and all that stuff it gets a little silly, the stuff on the outside is very raw, very real and pretty sad.

The revelation, as if we needed more of one, that Kamoshida is basically grooming Ann and using her friend Shiho as leverage was sickening. The fact that when Ann turned him down he went straight to Shiho to make her “pay” for Ann “teasing” him which lead Shiho to jumping off the roof of a building was horrible. It was also really well played because nothing is outright said about it, you don’t see it happen and even Shiho never has a speech about it so its left to you to fill in the blanks and it makes it so much more real.

Kamoshida is a right piece of work and we’re now going into his Palace to try and reform him along with dominatrix Ann who sliced up bikini Ann in this episode.

Main character is still so boring, the others at least have a bit of history to them and seem to be able to react like humans. Even Morgana in both Meta form and real form is brilliant. You just kind of want the main character to do more then stand around looking at people and reacting in the blandest way possible.

Interested in seeing what they actually do to Kamoshida and whether he does pay for his crimes or not. I hope he does.

One thought on “Persona 5 : A Beautiful Rose Has Thorns!”

  1. So, yeah, the bits you are thinking about, are kind of like that in the game.
    One thing I will say, they do a great job (in the game too) of making you hate Kamoshida. I personally thought that you couldn’t make a villan more awful than that… But I was completely wrong.

    The whole grooming/abuse thing is really well played out, it goes a lot quicker than in the game, but that’s actually a good thing.

    One thing of note, all of the palace holders are represented by one of the deadly sins. I’ll let you decide which one this is.

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