Caligula : Anxiety, Irritation, and Other Such Negative Emotions Spread to Others.

Episode 2

“Fuan, shōsō nado toitta make no kanjō wa tanin o makikondeiku.”(不安, 焦燥などといった負の感情は他人を巻き込んでいく。)

The first episode was interesting though I’m not too sure what was actually happening at any given point but it seems to be one worth sticking with so stick with it I shall.

Whilst the world is starting to come more into focus for us its still a long and confusing ride. The second episode doesn’t really do much more then the first does but by the end of the episode we’re a little closer to figuring it all out.

Shikishima isn’t the best character to be feeling these things out with to be honest as even though he seems to be in for all those theories and shit he still tries to logically come to a conclusion which boiled down to him being mad or the rest of the world being mad. Sure the rest of the world being mad is a good step forward but he didn’t seem to take the opportunity to talk to the one person who actually seemed to know IIwhat was going on instead deciding to just run away.

That was basically the episode.

Watching the few people who have been woken run away from the city which now is starting to glitch out on them. Shogo is trying to round them up with this little pixie thing I believe was called Aria and the mission seems to be to stop μ which is some floaty idol that sings to people and Aria uses the song to wake certain people up, when they are woken up the people in the world turn into blurry digitalized monsters whilst other people turn into what Shogo called Digiheads and try to kill them.

Its so tediously slow getting to any points though.

I loved the semi-creepy digitalized people, looking at the world basically glitching on them and the way they reacted. Suzuna and the guy she’s with reacted absolutely perfectly to everything around them and would have been the more captivating people to have followed through the episode. Shikishima has nothing going for him and Mifue was boring as hell. Shogo could be the saving grace for Shikishima but hasn’t really done much other then admit to being absolutely terrible at explaining things. Then there are the two weirdoes, the one that works for the paper and the boy that just keeps showing up and disappearing, what their thing is I don’t know but you have to wonder how big a part they’ll play in all this.

I’m usually fully down for mysteries but this hasn’t actually given us much to go on and most of the super interesting and edgy parts of the first episode were missing in this one. It seems like after Shikishima has woken up we don’t need those cool flashes to what might really be going on with him. I’m hoping that comes back a little.

Overall though not a bad episode. Needs a lot of character work done and some actual story being told but I can give it another few episodes before that becomes switch offish for me.


One thought on “Caligula : Anxiety, Irritation, and Other Such Negative Emotions Spread to Others.”

  1. This second episode was interesting enough but as you’ve noted, there’s still a lot missing in terms of character work and in just setting up a decent mystery if that’s what it wants to be. I hope it manages to do something interesting.

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