Silicon Valley : Tech Evangelist

Episode 4

With a new COO Pied Piper is moving forward in the direction that Richard finally wants it too. Just first off they need to sort out the mole.

One problem I now have with this series is that there doesn’t seem to be a proper end to any problem.

Jian Yang throws them out of the house?

Its ignored to a point because apparently Richard is prejudice against Asians. Its then brought back up in this episode when Jian Yang shows up in his car and they find out that it is under Big Head’s name so the obvious story point that Big Head is Elrich’s next of kin came into play… Again there was absolutely no real story to this we get the revelation and then suddenly Big Head owns the 10% and house. Jian Yang poaches one of the eight companies that Richard wants to work with and buggers off to China to make his Chinese Pied Piper.

We have the big story of the mole.

They figure it out at the beginning of the story and instead of actually doing something to the guy they keep him in the office to do nothing all day whilst Denish and Gilfoyle spend the episode being dicks to him and then deciding that he has to be their friend. That is probably going to come back to bite them in the ass but it felt a poor pay off for the episode before.

As for the problem in the episode it was probably a look into Silicon Valley, I don’t know how true it is but it seemed pretty boring compared to some of the other stories we’ve had. The whole thing about Richard being too awkward just because he was face to face with a gay guy yet upsetting everyone because the gay guy is a Christian just seemed pointless and a chance to make Richard look like a dick once more because he has no social skills.

None of the new characters really stood out and the pay off of having Richard actually beat Gavin to the punch never played out either. It just ended up being a little bit disappointing.

Big Head’s return was a wonderful moment that actually was really pointless, he was there for a few moments and we never got to see much of him other then the general stupidity that is Big Head, he was so much more then that at times but he was just there for one joke about him being completely incapable of doing anything.

It was the weakest of the episodes and giving Gavins yes men the joke of them not knowing that he was talking about the honey thing being sticky when he left didn’t help it.

A disappointing episode to be honest.

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