Persona 5 : Let’s Take Back What’s Dear To You

Episode 2

The first episode was OK. I didn’t understand what was going on but that wasn’t a terrible thing.

Hooked on it in some strange way so episode 2 it is.

Most of the things I was confused with are kind of explained in this episode.

Whilst what is going on doesn’t really make much more sense to me then it did before I get now that this app is the Metaverse Navigator, I mean it seems to navigate the user to the Metaverse but I didn’t really get names or anything because I was trying to understand it. The app turned the school into the castle in the Metaverse which when Ren and Ryuji explore it seems to give them a look at Kamoshida’s inner demons.

Most of what we learn we learn from a cat like creature called Morgana which looked super out of place and therefore was the coolest thing ever.

Honestly I’m sold on the concept and probably will look into the game as well.

Its all about unlocking the hidden part of you, your Persona, and using that Persona to battle the shadows of the antagonists on the outside. Nothing is real in the Metaverse but they are able to piece together truths from Kamoshida’s Shadow. Like how Kamoshida purposely hurt Ryuji and the truth that he beats students.

Not to mention he’s dating one of them but she doesn’t look too happy in the real world to be the object of his desire to be honest.

There isn’t anything funny about it but at the same time its also really funny. I don’t really get the bigger picture but I don’t care because piecing it together is pretty fun. Overall its not the greatest thing I’ve watched but its compelling and actually makes you want to carry on the story.

In other words it does everything a game does.

Still think Ren is boring as hell but I really like Ryuji now and really interested to learn about Takamaki. Morgana is funny as hell and I want to know who the cat is and what its purpose is, I mean its a talking cat does it just exist in the Metaverse or is there a actual cat on the outside who stumbled into the Metaverse and opened its Persona by absolute accident?

There are many questions I still want answered but to be honest I’m totally down just to see Ren and Ryuji finally take down Kamoshida. I mean without going deep and dark like the shit Anna watches they’ve managed to make him the dick that he is so you kinda want to see him brought down a peg or two.

Plus we also got to see Ren’s back story. Turns out he helped a lady who was being hassled but I’m guessing she was a victim of domestic abuse and kept quiet when the police showed up so that it just looked like Ren had attacked the guy or something. It isn’t made completely clear but that seems to be the way the story is going. Whether its true or Ren is a unreliable narrator is yet to be seen. He’s too boring to make this shit up though to be honest.

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