Persona 5 : I am thou, Thou art I

Episode 1

I’ve never played Persona 5 and have no idea what the hell its about but as I decided I needed to see something else this season I decided to check it out.

Not really that sure what was going on for most of it but it was interesting.

Like the main character is boring, there isn’t much to him at the moment, he hardly speaks and when he does it isn’t much. Its like they literally just gave you the main character of a game without fleshing him out at all for the anime.

That of itself isn’t ruining it though. So much is going on that its a little confusing but at the same time fascinating to watch unfold.

For example the present is I believe it said November when the main character has been caught after joining a group called the Phantom Thieves. We then spend the majority of the story in April where we’ve learnt that he’s been expelled from school after assaulting someone and is now living in some random guys coffee shop and attending the local school. Before that is the incident which to be honest we know little to nothing about, there is also a app that keeps appearing on his phone and messing up the world he’s living in and taking him to strange places including the Velvet Room and a Castle.

None of it makes sense so far but the animation itself is pretty cool to watch, some of the characters whilst not interesting are at least leaving us mysteries that you kind of want to find out about.

Plus the guy managed to turn the school into a castle with this guy called Kamoshida being the king of it because another guy called Ryuji said he was the king of his own castle and name checked the school and the app just made it happen. Like I have no idea why or what this all is and maybe the guy in the Velvet Room called Igor said what it was but I just really couldn’t figure it out.

By the end of the episode a mask had appeared on Ren’s face, Ren being the main character, and him tearing it off, which was bloody and pretty cool, and some dude called Arsene appearing and a whole new Ren being born.

Like you want to carry on and watch it just because you want to see what happens next.

At the same time its like you are waiting for a game to start and it just won’t. You want to make Ren much more badass and less of a dumbass but you can’t press any buttons. I’ve seen a few game to anime adaptations and none felt more like you were actually playing a game then this one and this isn’t one that I’ve played.

Still a decent first episode though.


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