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Episode 2

I have to admit my first episode review was much more of a I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON SAVE ME type post then anything else but it looks like episode 2 is here to actually save me.

We have a super cool villain for the episode, she looks like she’s probably died by the end of the episode but whilst she was here she was cool, we also have a end goal that we’re working to solve a mystery for.

That is the mystery of Tempest.

After the Magical Girl Hunter had been defeated, because like why not introduce a super bad ass character and have her defeated in one episode, we got a bunch of babbling about a Tempest coming to take someone to the New World and destroy this world on August 11th but not much more before she seemingly died. Her information wasn’t really information more a load of waffle about what she’d seen and I’m guessing divulging that information was enough to kill her.

I mean this episode gave us a lot of half assed information. The general consensus of the episode is who knows what is going on.

So lets try and break some of this down.

There’s a spooky assed website that kinda appears, the creepy “admin” is apparently a guy with the pig tails, I don’t know if that was mistranslated or not but yeah they said it was a guy, you can’t just FIND the website as Aya couldn’t find it again yet there are rules to go with your stick. Yatsumura has “found” some of them out and she was friends with the Magical Girl Hunter before she found out about Tempest and went crazy and was trying to find out as much as she could about Magical Girls, the site and all the rest.

In exchange for the “sticks” there seems to be a limit that you can use them for, a emblem shows up on your wrist and slowly fades with the more magic you use. Now it wasn’t made clear if for example Yatsumura’s power to stop time will make her emblem fade per second she uses it or if its just per use in general, she didn’t seem to care about using up her magic but the Hunter kind of did when fighting with Aya.

It also seems that the sticks are given to people who will use them to fight whatever their version of a bad person is. Yatsumura tries to get Aya to realise that the bullies and the Hunter all deserve what they get but Aya seems to just not get it so when she finally uses her stick on the Hunter she manages to transport her to a safe place instead of killing her. Then again at the end of the episode there is someone sitting around that seems to want to kill someone… I guess it very much is a power trip thing and it depends what kind of person you are how you use it.

At this moment there is no indication to how the site chooses people though we know with Aya its probably to do with the vast amount of bullying and Yatsumura seems to have something in her past that we’ll find out about, there does seem to be a whole bunch of Magical Girls out there and their powers vary so much its unbelievable. There seems to be defensive magics, sneaky ones as well as weapons of absolute destruction.

Tempest, the site itself and the admin are all unknowns. Kinda hope Aya and Yatsumura keep tugging at that string to unfold all the mysteries as I’m now hooked just to find out about the bloody site itself.

That basically is it!

Away from the main story is the continued story of Aya’s brother. I mean we know he’s a fucking head case but I have a feeling he’s going to be the biggest part of Aya’s story, whether he becomes the main bad guy of the whole series or just is the biggest step in Aya’s character development I don’t know but he’s getting frustrated with not being able to take his stress out on Aya, this episode its because Yatsumura slept over to keep a eye on her, and at some point Aya is going to have to make a decision on whether she uses her stick on him or allows him to continue with what he’s doing. Also after the credits we get him creepily talking about things as well, it all adds to him being a much bigger part of all this then we might think right now. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Because seriously who knows anything?!


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