Gegege no Kitaro : Terrifying! Miage-Nyudo

Episode 2

“Senritsu! Miage-Nyūdō” (戦慄!見上げ入道)

I really loved the first episode of this show and its opening music is probably my favourite thing ever. I couldn’t wait to see a second one.

Have to say I was so happy to be able to meet more of the people from Kitaro’s world. As well as Daddy Eyeball there was Ratman and CatChick, both brilliant characters despite the pretty weird names, and I’m aware they are called other things in Japanese and this was some kind of translation from a few years back but its what it was subbed as and I’m sticking with them because they are easier.

Ratman was pretty much the important character for the episode and had some of the best moments of it. I mean the Miage-Nyudo was freed because Ratman pissed on the seal holding him back, Ratman then doing everything he could so that the Miage-Nyudo could send 500,000 souls to the spirit world and thus take over Japan was hilarious. It led to another cool fight before the rather easy win for the team when Mana just had to say that she see’s through him and he kind of disappeared. I mean ripping open his throat was super cool, for that not to be how he died was kinda disappointing.

Overall it was a really interesting and fun episode and made you kind of want to know more about the people around Kitaro… I mean there is a Ittan-Momen and every single one of you know that I love Ittan-Momen so I kind of want to see a lot more of him to be honest.

If I had to pick a favourite character from the first two episodes it’ll be Ratman. He was such a shit and just made me laugh. I mean I don’t think he’s really a bad, bad guy but he’s a opportunist which makes him a bit of a wild card really.

Really enjoying the series so far even if it seems like I haven’t got much to say about it. There just isn’t much TOO say about it at the moment.


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