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Episode 1

When reading about what I wanted to watch this season this one stood out as something comparable, as far as the summary went, to Magical Girl Raising Project, a anime I really enjoyed. So of course I’d give it a chance…

I honestly couldn’t tell if I loved it or hated it. I felt bad for thinking it was so good and then awful for scoulding myself for appreciating a very dark and emotional story. Magical Girl Raising Project started off light and fluffy and went a little bit dark over the course of the show, some of the stories were sad and so forth but not a single second of that show even compares to the opening 5 minutes of this one.

Thing is its going to be a controversial one. It packed a kid getting bullied to the point of suicide at school and at home and even a near rape as well as animal’s being murdered in the name of the bullying into one episode, all things that people get a bit squirmish around at the best of times. Usually only one of those things causes people to switch off or get nervous about what’s to come but they didn’t hold back any punches at all with this one and it was really hard to watch.

Not in a bad way.

As reasonable, kind and empathetic human beings watching even a anime character have to go through what Aya, the main character, had to go through was hard AND IT SHOULD BE because the relentless bullying, humiliation and dehumanizing should never be something easy to watch.

True the violence and unpleasantness didn’t have to be even half as bad as it was to warrant Aya turning to the “stick” that had been provided to her from a unknown, and slightly creepy but I’ll talk about that in a moment, website to help her from the fate she was about to have to endure but I liked, and I’m sorry if that makes me a bad person, the fact that they didn’t hold any punches, pretty literally, and gave us a character that honestly has probably lost a lot of her humanity and empathy to the world and has now got a power that could be used for the better of humanity or not for the betterment of it and even if she picks the right path doesn’t, and looks like its incapable of, mean she has to do it in a nice way.

If you get what I mean.

What I’m trying to say is that I find it hard to say I enjoyed this because some sick asshole will come here trying to tell me I like torture porn or some shit. Some people, I’ve already seen, have decided this is too much for them because its so graphic, so horrible and over the top that they can’t stomach it.

I personally have no idea where a anime that has already seen the main character attempt suicide, be beaten every day, have razor blades and thumbtacks stuck in her shoes, had the bullying ignored by teachers, nearly raped, had a cat she’d been looking after murdered just to upset her, accidentally killed two classmates, been beaten by her brother who uses her as a “stress relief” exercise and nearly had her face torn apart by the remaining bullies who blame her for the death of the other two can honestly go from here.

I have 0 ideas what this anime is about really, what is going to happen to Aya, who she’ll even be by the end of the season or what the story will entail.

I enjoyed it not for the torture and violence but because it actually pulled a fucking emotional response from me that I didn’t really get when the pregnant Magical Girl from Magical Girl Raising Project died. I enjoyed it because it was dark and not afraid to be so, there was nothing cutesy about it and THAT FUCKING WEBSITE WITH THAT FUCKING HEAD ATTACHED TO FUCKING BODIES WAS SO FUCKING MESSED UP THAT WAS THE MOMENT I NEARLY FUCKING THREW UP! I don’t like torture porn, I don’t watch these kind of things for the thrill of seeing people messed up horrible but what the fuck is going to happen to this girl?! Like usually main character have ONE of these things happen to them and they decide to fight the good fight. This girl has been tortured at school and at home, nearly raped, nearly killed and even had teachers witness the bullying and turn a blind eye to it. Like seriously SERIOUSLY HONESTLY WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON AND WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?!

How could you sit through 20+ minutes of THAT and not want to know what happens next? You will watch the next episode just to see if its possible for them to do anything worse! I mean they can’t.

Can they?!


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