How To Keep A Mummy (Miira No Kaikata) : Always Together [END]

Episode 12

“Itsumo issho” (いつも いっしょ)

Mii-kun has been kidnapped and we’re at the end of our happy little bubble of happiness. What are we all going to do?

EDIT : I honestly thought this had been posted last week, I’m sorry its extremely late as I’ve just realised it was in the drafts!
I was happy that they didn’t dwell on Mii-kun being kidnapped as I didn’t want the finale to be a downer, it was nicely handled in the first part of the episode and lead us to having a festival in the back garden with all the group together.

Really thought it was the perfect send off.


It was a bit of a shame that this story WAS crammed into the finale though because it would have been a interesting tale to tell, I think the series did a good job of balancing some real drama and proper character growth with a whole lot of fun and fluff, but the threat of the collectors/hunters had been around for most of the season and this was the only time we saw it but it honestly COULDN’T have been the entirety of this episode as we needed the fluff to end it and give it that perfect send off. If the series ever did return I’d like to see less of the personal drama and a proper threat for like the middle part of a season and just surround that with a fluffy beginning and end.

To be honest I just want more Mii-kun and the gang.

What a way to end though, that festival was just the cutest thing, the way everyone worked together to win things and all the creatures got masks and prizes… It was the sweetest thing in the whole world.

Sora’s final speech where he makes it clear he wants to spend as long as he can as a group doing things is one of those moments that are adorable but a plot point in the series that never really made sense to me. Like I loved the speech because it gave you the feel good moment of them wanting to stay together but at the same time you never really understood, or at least I didn’t looking at it with my logical brain, why Sora had this big thing about everyone leaving him. Especially at this point. I get that Tazuki was a bit cold to him but it was like the concept of friends at that age was just foreign to him. I know they went into it a few times especially in this episode but I feel whilst Tazuki got a good deal of character development and Motegi and Daichi didn’t have much to work with anyway, Sora’s story was kind of patchy and all over the place so his final speech whilst it worked could have worked better if we’d actually…. Got to know Sora I guess.

Overall though it was just too sad.

Like honestly the saddest.

Where are we getting our weekly happiness from now?!


2 thoughts on “How To Keep A Mummy (Miira No Kaikata) : Always Together [END]”

    1. Yeah can’t fault the show, loved it so much it was just such a happy little anime. It was only really this episode I even realised that up until this point there wasn’t really much going on when it came to Sora.

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