Gegege no Kitaro : The Day Yokai Awoke

Episode 1

“Yōkai ga Mezameta hi” (妖怪が目覚めた日)

I have never heard of Gegege no Kitaro before but I couldn’t help but be intrigued by some of the pictures I’ve seen around about it. I mean its got everything I like. Comedy, Supernatural stuff and a slight horror aspect. What could go wrong?

NOT the opening tune that’s for sure, I’ve never heard something more catchy in my life. Honestly will take some beating for ANYTHING to be better then this for the rest of the year.

Can’t explain how much I enjoyed it to be honest. Mana was a pretty cool character, Kitaro and Daddy Eyeball were fun and the whole concept of them coming to help with rogue Yokai when Mana called was interesting.

It didn’t bank on people just knowing what the series is and did a good job of introducing newcomers to the series of the world that we’ll now be visiting weekly.

Vampire Tree’s are new to me, though there was that one Junji Ito story that it kind of reminded me of, it managed to be extremely creepy seeing people just suddenly sprout into trees that I don’t think I can really describe because just talking about it makes it sound really stupid. I mean people turning into trees doesn’t sound scary or horrifying but you kind of just have to see it.

It was a Nobiagari that was planting the seeds to the Vampire Tree’s, it was this big blue specter like thing with a giant eyeball, Kitaro fighting it was awesome specially with the hair attack and then going into the city. I really enjoyed it. Reading up on Nobiagari after the episode and they don’t sound all that bad as their main purpose seems to be to make people fall over, as for Vampire Tree’s I came up with nothing other then a Jubokko which grows where many people have died and sucks the blood from humans that come near it and even that is up in the air whether it was created by the guy who wrote this series or was a legend beforehand.

All in all it was a really interesting first episode and I really can’t wait to review the whole series. Can’t believe its taken me this long to find out it existed.


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