Caligula : When You Lose Your Composure, You Cannont Reach the Truth or Reality

Episode 1

(冷静さを見失うと, 真実と真理にたどり着くことはできない.)

I was drawn to this anime because I read that it was going to tackle being stuck in a virtual reality. Now I like the concept of that, always have, I’ve yet to see a story that tackles that subject which I’ve enjoyed though so I thought I’d give Caligula a chance.

I guess for a first episode I think it was much too wordy, it’ll lose a lot of people because it dives head first into so many psychological theories. I didn’t get the name of the second one but the Johari Window and the one about the glass wall were both extremely interesting but for a good deal of the episode it was just the main character talking at length about what they mean.

Whilst I got it I really do think it was heavy for a first episode. It was hinting at the world that we’re in not being all that we thought it was whilst showing why he in particular would be one of the many students at the end of the episode that seemed to be different from the others. I mean right now in the actual anime itself everything I read about it is unknown to the main character so its just strange things happening to them.

To be fair I’d forgotten the premise of the show until I had to write about it afterwards and wondered what it was that had made me take note of the name of the series so the animation as what I guess is the virtual world around them started to glitch was extremely unnerving. Especially the glitch out that showed the main character I guess in the real world, giving us the hints that he was in a good deal of pain in that world. Then again a lot of the animation was amazing yet left a eerie feel to the show. It was oddly too white, I mean it didn’t help that the characters were all in white but it felt like it had a white filter over it too, everything was so bleak but the food stood out so much. It was a feast for the eyes as well as the brain but I don’t think it helped digest the dialogue any more as so much was going on that it was a bit of overkill.

I don’t really know what is going on at the moment but whilst I zoned in and out of the two big explanations and rarely gave much thought to what the main character was talking about I got the great sense that I’m going to really enjoy this series.

My favourite explanation was the fish tank one. All about how if you were put in a room with a glass window you couldn’t see and ramen on the other side and you charged for the ramen and was left in a bloody state then you’d never rush at the ramen again. It was a interesting point that makes you wonder if that is true, you’d have to be pretty dumb to continually charge for the ramen but humans would tread more carefully. For example, and Anna can vouch for this, we have a shark exhibit at Plymouth’s Aquariam where the tank’s front curves up. You can’t tell where the curve really is so the first time, as a teenager/adult, you walk towards it with confidence you’ll probably smack your head against the glass, I think everyone does especially as it doesn’t effect you as a kid so you just forget that it curves, you don’t then get scared off of ever going as close as you can to the glass again. No. I see people approaching it with their hands out in front of their heads, people who get down on the floor and just get close that way… Humans find a way to get over that barrier to where they want to be.

So in the experiment you might make yourself a bloody mess once but you’d come back every time testing the wall and when the wall is no longer there you wouldn’t be preconditioned to not want the ramen, you might think there was another nasty trick coming, but you’d still want it and you’d still probably go for it.

I couldn’t get my head around the Johari Window, it seems to be a self exploratory experiment but it didn’t really make much sense. Its all about how you come across, how others see you and finding hidden things within that. Thing is again people will look at you how they want too. Trying to find meaning on how people perceive you is a bad road to go down because not everyone will truly want to understand themselves so judging others on random things is going to happen.

Honestly can’t wait to see where this series goes and enjoyed that even if the first episode was a lot to take in that it made me think about things. Not sure I was really meant to think more about the experiments mentioned then the actual events unfolding but there you go.


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