Silicon Valley : Chief Operating Officer

With nowhere to stay the knocks keep coming for Richard and co, they sort out one problem just to have another one blocking their path.

As always.

It looks like no one is going to bother to fight Jian Yang to enter the house again which makes sense, Richard does talk about it to Ron but it turns into a stupid “you’re upset because a Asian has kicked you out” thing instead. It was a ridiculous way to bury the issue and bury the issue they needed as the next logical step in a mole story is having Dinesh move in with the mole, get drunk and start telling him all of Pied Pipers secrets starting with the hacking of the fridges.

This is the big step back for Pied Piper this episode but it wasn’t really the main point of the episode.

No this episode is mainly about Richard never learning that the people in Silicon Valley are basically out for themselves so nearly throws Gilfoyle, someone who has stuck by him no matter what he’s done and helped build this whole company as well as saved the companies ass many times, under the bus to save himself from the lawsuit that Gavin convinced the fridge makers to pursue. Richard takes the word of a stranger who is about to jump from one company to his for no real good reason instead of Jared’s and only really was saved when Jared saved the day.

Honestly the whole brutal honesty thing, I can’t remember what Ben said it was called, is just a excuse for him to be a absolute dick and someone like Richard to not call him out on it. If he had just come out and been a dick instead of making it sound like some zen shit then Richard would have been taken aback by it from the out but because he made it sound so important and like some random guy with the wisdom of the universe would have told him about it for some reason Richard seemed to agree with him to the point that because Gilfoyle is a bit of a dick sometimes he’d turn his back on him.

I feel its a flaw in Richard that we don’t really need to be honest.

Whilst his progression to being Gavin Belson is still there one thing that always seemed to anchor him is that in the end he’d always do what is right for the people he’s closest too. It sometimes takes a while to get there but in this episode there was absolutely no moment that he was going to back up on the Gilfoyle thing and was just happy that Jared had worked his ass off to find a way to sort the problem out.

That being said it was by far the most fun episode so far this season and one that gives you belief that it has finally found its new feet and will just go from strength to strength. With Richard upsetting both Dana and Ben in this episode there is room for two more enemies out to get him at a later date and with Jian Yang plotting to basically steal a concept including Pied Piper to sell to a Chinese audience there is now a bleak light at the end of the Jian Yang story that he might fail in the long run.

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