Anime Spring Season…

So the Spring Season has started and we thought we’d ask you all what you are watching this season?

Last time out other then Junji Ito which I wanted to watch we literally just picked two other series up on a whim and Luc finally got around to watching Overlord which he wanted to do since the first season aired but never did.

This time out we have at least three shows that we were looking forward too and which we have reviews in the drafts ready to come out. These shows are Magical Girl Site, Gegege no Kitaro and Caligula. As those were the ones that jumped out at us we thought we’d open it up to you guys, find out what you are watching and take in any recommendations you have.

So let us know in the comments what you are watching and our first reviews of the new season will be out in the next few days!


3 thoughts on “Anime Spring Season…”

  1. Hmm, I haven’t seen a lot of the spring shows yet, but I thought Hinamatsuri and 3D Kanojo had interesting first episodes. I don’t want to call them great shows just from that, but they were at least entertaining!
    P.S. I also enjoyed the highly controversial Mahou Shoujo Site.

    1. I’ll have to check their first episodes out! To be fair I’ll have a lot of time on my hands next week and the week after as I’m going in for a operation so have two weeks holiday so I might just watch every first episode of the season.

      Oh boy did I enjoy it! I hope to get my review of it out tomorrow in between the things I have to do.

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