Week 15 Question : When you have a toothache, is the pain in your mouth or in your brain?

I currently have two broken teeth and I feel like I have the perfect answer to this.

Whilst sure the long winded biological answer is probably both because you feel pain through nerves that send signals to your brain that you are in pain at the same time you can bloody tell where your pain is.

For example my problem right now is I have one exposed root and parts of my gum that aren’t meant to be exposed, exposed.  The reason I don’t have two exposed roots is because one of the broken teeth has crumbled around a filling thankfully. Anyway when they are in pain you can feel the pain.

Some nights I can’t sleep because even after taking pain killers you can feel the root throbbing in your gum and its exactly there. In my gum. Which is not my brain.

Just because your brain is what tells you its pain doesn’t mean that the pain is coming from your brain.

Just like my nail which is falling off, I know I’m disgusting at the moment, every time I hit it when I don’t have a plaster on it the pain is in the finger. I can’t confuse that pain in my finger to being in my brain.

So you know…

Being a dick I’d sit there going on about biology…

At the end of the day though the nerves being told there is pain is in my mouth and that is where the pain is.


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