Ordeal by Innocence Episode 1

I’m no fan of Agatha Christie but I do try and force myself into watching the adaptations as I do love a good murder mystery. As it stars Bill Nighy I was very excited about this one.

I guess a reason I don’t like Christie much is the same reason I don’t like many classics, for me they are too lengthy and full of things that just aren’t interesting for me. Long winded is another word I’d use for them. Adaptations of the stories don’t tend to get rid of much of the long windedness so we got the beginning look at all the characters with Gwenda marching around and shoots of the others doing their thing which did nothing to actually make me care and nearly had me change the channel.

Overall the story itself isn’t too bad, a women is murdered and one of her adopted children is accused of killing her because he hasn’t got a alibi. After he dies in prison before even being convicted the father/widower is getting married, his alibi shows up and whilst no one seems to believe him we all know there is a murderer on the loose.

Characters are all unlikable, especially Gwenda who you just want something horrible to happen too, if they aren’t unlikable its because they are so bland you forget they are part of the show. Even Nighy himself fades in the background more then anything else, his character isn’t unlikable but he isn’t one you care about either. The murder victim herself is coming across in flashbacks as a bit of a bitch so you don’t really blame anyone for killing her but you kind of want them to kill off Gwenda before being caught because she does come across as a gold digger and it would be much more fun if she just disappeared.

Unfortunately I’m not even a little gripped to the story to see where it goes, I’ll probably watch the next two episodes just because the story around Calgary’s story looks crazy and the actual show itself is beautiful to watch but its just another Christie story that I just won’t get. Not that I thought I would.

Luke Treadaway as Doctor Arthur Calgary was by far the highlight of the episode though, I’m not sure what is wrong with him but the preview of the second episode with flashes of him having a break down look absolutely amazing and you kind of want to see something good happen to him seeing he’s doing his best to bring light to what happened. I don’t really get his motivations or anything but I want to see what happens to him.

I started the review basically saying its something I probably was going to hate. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either.


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