Silicon Valley : Reorientation

Silicon Valley’s return was difficult to watch and as the season is still finding its feet I don’t think the second episode will be much better.

Richard continues to struggle to bring his new team together. I get why it seems so many people seem to be tired of this season two episodes in as this whole situation felt extremely forced, especially seeing that all of the pain in this episode revolved around Richard not being able to speak to the team for Orientation purposes but in reality he’d just leave that kind of thing to Jared anyway. Richard didn’t need to motivate the team, Jared could have done it and let Richard’s coding do the speaking like it did in the end anyway.

From one forced story to another badly thought out and forced story, Jian Yang’s story goes from ridiculous to ultra ridiculous when he actually ends up getting the house and 10% after just showing up to court with a death certificate, a bucket of ashes and his word that Elrich had no next of kin. Whilst its too early to say much about Jian Yang kicking the guys out of the house you couldn’t even enjoy that moment because you just scratched your head and wondered how pretty much the only real story line Jian Yang had in the past has been ignored. That story line being that you can’t just kick people out of a house in California. I’m guessing it’ll be brought up in the next episode but the whole stupid Jian Yang stuff made it hard to watch.

I have confidence though that the difficulties of episode one and two have been put to bed and whilst Gavin and Jian Yang are going to be the two villains of the season the actual office drama might shimmer down a bit. I get that the odd situation here and there with people who would still rightfully so be pissed at Richard, his inability to lead and communicate and his vicious streak that was seen by all when he destroyed Sliceline to acquire both companies but the bigger threat has now gone, they believe in the new Internet and whilst they might not believe in Richard they do believe in his skill, and as such I feel like they are ripe for comedic moments like the dogs, which was too much in this episode and failed to be funny but could have been later on in the season, without it being such a big deal for Richard and Pied Piper as a whole.

It just hasn’t been as fun to watch yet but I feel they’ll be better after the story progresses and you can go back to them with fresh eyes.

The general “Richard fucks up and something happens to make it right again before something bad happens that isn’t Richard’s fault” circle is fine, it really is, but so far it hasn’t felt natural like it usually does and I feel from the promo it might continue to feel wrong for a little while more before something really clicks.

As for Jian Yang I can’t help but feel that they aren’t going to have it come back and bite him on the ass. You’d think it would, he’s turning into Elrich and whilst many think he’ll realise that and hate himself he always WAS a bit of a Elrich anyway so why would he? Personally I feel it isn’t going to be a journey of discovery for the over used and unfunny character but he’ll end up the Elrich to Big Head’s Jian Yang, just the difference being that Big Head is a likable character you can’t help but want to see succeed.

Its just a story that doesn’t make too much sense to me.

Still it might sound negative but it still had some god moments, Gilfoyle and Denish fighting over the electric parking space, the doctor at the end, Gavin’s struggle to find a signature for his signature box as well as what I’m guessing will be the running joke of a new female face that just gets fired by him all hit the right spots.

Hoping it’ll calm down in the next few episodes and just focus on the interactions between characters that is missing right now.

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