Kokkoku : The Twelfth Moment [END]

Episode 12

Its a bit of a weird journey that we’ve been on but we are finally here at the final moment to see just what happens.

I have to say I’m disappointed. Whilst it ties into the beginning quite nicely it felt cheap, like we had to have a happy ending.

We all knew that Juri would look after the baby Sagawa, her sending everyone back into the living world wasn’t really that surprising. A whole bunch of nothing happened for a while and then suddenly like 60 “days” into her living in Stasis with the baby she decides that its too dangerous for him to stay with her because he could vomit and die in this world so she sent him back to the real world.

A whole bunch more of nothing happens until she suddenly turns into a Handler just to reach out to the person who seems to have created Stasis or something. I mean I didn’t get it and it was a cheap way to ensure that Juri got home so we could have the emotional scenes of her returning to the real world and raising Sagawa as her own. Everyone is happy, everyone gets a life.

For me the episode kind of ruined everything, whilst of course they set it up from episode 1 with the random blonde it just came across as a cheap victory.

Then again I’m also the kind of person that doesn’t really mind sad endings. Juri turning into a Handler and someone coming back to Stasis and “freeing” her would have worked for me, somehow the Handlers have to pass through Stasis time zones whilst not actually aging the person its using but just sucking their life force out. Having Makoto come back as a adult, just like Majima did for her family, would have made sense. I wouldn’t have even needed an explanation as long as enough time had passed for him that it was obvious it was hard to find another stone or way in.

Having a get out of jail free card in a character most of us had forgotten about with a hamfisted explanation that she can just pop in and out of Stasis and has done for centuries just kind of killed the spirit of everything.

Takafumi might have had his fingers cut off but he got to live happily ever after with no one actually pointing out what a sadistic, egotistical asshole he is.

Tsubasa managed to get on with his life but again we had a character with some real emotional pain who just didn’t matter and his “future” as it is, like Majima’s, was only really shown to us through a still screenshot of him on a tube train at the end.

So I guess what I’m saying is personally I don’t think that a happy ending suited the series at all and because they went with what felt like a cheap plot trick to get Juri home it left a sour taste in my mouth and for me if I re-watch ever again it’ll be stopped as she turns into a Handler and see’s the person with the specters in them.

Kinda sad.

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