Week 14 Question : Is Life Meaningless if We Live Forever?

I thought I liked this question then I got stuck trying to answer it and I guess it comes in two bits.

1. Is life meaningless if I personally or one person in general lived forever.

2. Is life meaningless if everyone lived forever.

In the end though I believe that it wouldn’t so much be meaningless just boring? Sad? Depressing?

Why it comes in two is because if we’re looking at situation 1 then I think you would find life meaningless for different reasons.

If you are the only person living through life then at first it might be interesting, you’d get a second chance to do most things with different people and get to see so much happening in the world. Watch the world change and all that. You might think this gives life meaning.

In the end though would you feel like that?

You wouldn’t be able to get close to people, depending on why you life forever it could mean that there is no danger and that could alter your personality to make you dangerous so simplistic things that take bravery and make you feel rewarded for doing will become pointless in the end because it’ll have no reward for you.

If you aren’t a imaginative or inventive person no matter how much longer you live then other people you won’t achieve much more in a whole bunch of lifetimes as you would in just the one. Seeing others come up with inventions and stuff might send you into a depression that makes you feel life worthless…

On the other hand if you lived in a immortal society I guess our perspective of everything will change. After all there would be no need to innovate or find meaning the same way someone with a life span does. If everyone around you is immortal then I couldn’t imagine life being what we see life as right now.

OK so I guess it might be a different question if the whole society are immortal because life would be different.

Then again even with short life spans right now some people don’t find meaning to their life so I guess if the whole society was immortal it would be a mixed bag like in life.

Would you want to be immortal though?

Plus I guess isn’t it up to the individual to find meaning in their own lives no matter what that meaning is?

OMG maybe I’m wrong overall!? Maybe all life no matter what is meaningful…

Then again I find my life meaningless so….

I don’t know?


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