5 Things… Its Chocolate Holiday of Chocolateness lets talk about Chocolate…

Or maybe Easter because of course Easter is something that I vaguely know has to do with Jebus and dying and resurrection but for some reason we get a day off of work and celebrate bunnies pooping out jelly beans and giving children eggs that they’ve brought from Cadbury’s obviously….

So here are 5 things I’m looking forward or have enjoyed this Easter.

5. Short Week

This kind of ends up in two points but because we have a day off on Sunday it means I got a short week. I am on day 3 of my days off, back in for two but I usually right now don’t get that many days off a week and if I do its never in a row. Its nice having a week to recharge your batteries without having to use holiday or anything.

I mean it could have been a bad week to be fair, I had a hospital appointment yesterday but it’s actually not too bad.

Short weeks are the best.

4. Parents telling me about their Easter Egg hunts for… Adult… Children….

Let me tell you this, as someone who works in a supermarket you get a lot of customers who get to your till and just want to talk. Most of the time I don’t care but the conversations I really love is when they tell me something as silly as “oh yeah my son is 25 and I’ve always done Easter Eggs for him and he’d moan if I don’t so these eggs are all for my 25 year old son’s Easter Egg hunt…”

It makes me want a Easter Egg Hunt.

3. Lidl’s Easter Selection of Treats

Honestly I don’t think I have paid attention to Eater before this year. This year I’ve actually taken time to look at what Lidl’s has to offer this year and the amount of yummy treats I’ve brought home with me made me poor through the majority of March and probably is going to make me poor in April.

The white chocolate Easter Squad is by far my favourite thing, its nearly too cute to eat.

Seriously though I’m not saying its just Lidl’s that have cool Easter stuff that just happens to be the shop I go into. Easter stuff is awesome because its mainly just chocolate.

2. My Fudge Easter Egg

Have these Easter Eggs with things just like exploding from the middle of them been around forever?

This year I’ve brought myself a fudge one because fudge is the best but there are hundreds of them with all sorts exploding out of them.

I actually brought it at the beginning of March and been waiting to eat it since then but I’ve been good and its just waiting for me to eat it on Sunday before….

1. Day off / Going to Looe

Our Day off!

Both my jobs Easter Sunday has been a day off, no one works it. I do know some people have to work it but its pretty much one of the big three days where you just don’t work. Christmas, New Year and Easter. Thing is I don’t get why… Or why they didn’t think to spread these days out. Its pretty much the last big thing until next Christmas, its like a winter stretch from Christmas to Spring.

The only reason this day off is important this year is I’m going to Looe! I mean my family don’t tend to need a reason to go to Looe as we do all the time but I’m looking forward to this time. I get to go with my new born baby niece and the pain in the ass 8 year old niece and I’ll have some money and its basically the last thing I’m doing before my operation on the 19th.



Easter hasn’t been about anything religious for me since I was in school and was forced to learn about whatever it is that it is about every year. Its just a excuse for time off, chocolate and going to Looe.

Don’t forget though that Easter this year unfortunately lands on April Fools day which is just shit. I hate that day. Its the bitch of all days.


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