Overlord II : The Final Battle of the Disturbance

Episode 12

“Dōran Saishū Kessen” (動乱最終決戦)

We ended episode 11 with Ainz coming to Evileye’s and Blue Rose’s help against Demiurge. I’m not even going to go into everyone’s new names to hide their identities. Ainz vs Demiurge to help Evileyes.

To be honest the fight didn’t last long. Its obvious something much bigger is being planned but we’ll probably have to wait till the next episode to figure out the complete story. Demiurge has created a giant area inside the city that is full of lower level demons so maybe they had this planned so that Ainz could clear up and make even more of a name for himself in the Capital?

Even the ending to the other stories aren’t that interesting.

Tuare was Succulent and ended up being easily defeated by a swift kick to the dick by Climb, Zero was downstairs and whilst Brain and the others wouldn’t have been able to defeat him probably Sebas turns up with the real Tuare and is able to defeat him to a kick to the head.

Evileyes is in love with Ainz, leader of Blue Rose is able to resurrect the two fallen members and the Princess sends everyone to fight the demons, save the people and hopefully get Climb seriously injured so she can nurse him back to help whilst making him her sex slave and baby daddy. Or something like that.

It doesn’t sound interesting but because the stories were so interesting it was nice to see them ended. Episode felt much shorter then usual and its probably all to do with it just cleaning up the loose ends of episode 11 to start the final story for the final episode. I doubt Climb is going to get seriously injured and whatever political games the Princess and her brother are playing will come out more in the next season, if there is one and I hope there is, and not in episode 13.

Evileyes falling in love with Ainz disappointed me.

I’ve always given Albedo a pass because he programmed her to do it so it was a funny mistake on his behalf, Shalltear I didn’t mind because she was the only one who naturally was in love with him but Evileyes just fancies him because he saved her. Sure it might not be as pathetic as I make it sound but its just boring. Its another character that is going to have the same reactions and same moments with Ainz, it just means that we have to see it all the time now because when he’s back with his minion’s he has Albedo and Shalltear and when he isn’t with them he’ll have Evileyes.

Sebas promising to pay back Climb and Brain means that he’ll either upset the Princess in the next episode, and probably Ainz as well seeing I think he’s meant to be on his way back now that Tuare has been saved, by saving Climb’s life and probably stopping him being the helpless cripple the Princess wants brought back to her. If that isn’t what it means then it opens up some interesting stories down the line as I doubt Ainz will be happy to hear that Sebas is in debt to two people and not going to help them, of course I also doubt that Sebas will be happy to be told that he can’t help them. I really have enjoyed Sebas in the Capital and the connections he’s made.

Episode 12 was a needed episode I think. It wasn’t explosive like the one before it but it ended the stories 11 started whilst gearing us up for what will probably be a explosive finale. Looking forward to that.


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