Week 13 Question : Do Animals Have Rights?

I feel this is a minefield that I’m going to fail to cross but here it goes.

Animals do have rights. I guess. In their own way.

So what are rights?

Humans have made up a load of rights that go along with our species. Our grouping. We have the right to this or that and to be perfectly honest other humans don’t really care if their neighbours get those rights as long as they do. Its why as a species we suck.

I personally feel that every creature has a right. In their own way.

Lets not forget I tackled whether I think aliens should eat us and said yes because there is a thing called the food chain. Humans with their ability to create became the top of the food chain and put their dominance on the planet. We filled it with out own ideals. If super intelligent aliens came down and were able to dominate us then we have no real say in how they see us because of how we’ve seen animals we class as lesser.

So in a broad sense the question we’re asking is invalid in my eyes because “rights” in the way we see them aren’t real in the first place.

I can’t help being born a human so I can’t help the fact that, for example, I live in a city or that because the city is so big I need transport to get to places. These are things that become the norm for us as a society before I was born. Certain, much smarter, people are trying to make it more environmentally friendly for us to move about but we produce more humans by the day so our cities are expanding and the need to get to further away places are increasing. That is not something I can help.

Personally I was raised on a diet that included meat. I like meat. I don’t know where my meat comes from but humans have been eating meat since we started being humans. Lions also eat meat. Loads of animals do. They just never came up with the concept of cruelty or trophy hunting and wasting of food.

None of that means I don’t think every living creature and even plants and the rest have the universal right to be what they are.

I don’t look at a lion and judge it for hunting. I don’t look at a shark and judge it for biting things. They have a right to live their lives in the way they naturally were raised.

Humans probably are the only animals that don’t deserve rights because they believe their rights are above all others, including other humans. Then again humans are the only creatures concerned about their rights or other rights.

I believe pets have a right to be treated with more love and care then the human would give another human because they never choose to be brought into this life with no real way of survival other then to be a pet. I believe livestock should be given the right to not be stuffed in boxes but live life and be killed mercifully.

The problem is until humans sort out their own shit and actually believe in the crap they talk about and exact their own change to our species so that rights are given to everyone we can’t really talk about rights to other creatures.

Or long story short its a pointless question because humans made up the word to make sure they benefit from shit, took that “right” away from the humans they don’t like and are just shitty in general.

Animals have just as many rights as humans just humans have made up their own take on what that word means and abused it like we do everything else.


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