Junji Ito Collection : Smashed / Rumors [END]

Episode 12

I believe this is the end, if it isn’t the end it should be the end, other then two OVA’s out later in the year that I believe have been confirmed as the tales of Tomie this is the final stories we’ll get in the Junji Ito Collection.

What to say, what to say?

Smashed wasn’t too bad really. I don’t think the horror aspect of it was played up well enough, the animation on the faces when they stopped eating and the rest just wasn’t that good and when the big guy found the tree at the end the tree was decent but I feel he should have been a little more crazy then he was. Specially when he figured out the tree smelt like the nectar. I mean sure he might not have looked that way in the manga, I don’t know because I haven’t read this one, but the anime really needed to step it up because it was just so weak.

Rumor on the other hand was the absolute best BUT for the wrong reasons.

I just really want a Souichi series now, even with the stories we’ve already seen, a full 12 episode run of Souichi stories. I don’t even care if there isn’t enough material out there to cover 12 episodes, make shit up, make it a spooky, comedy slice of life based off of him. I want drama, comedy, nail fangs galore!

Junji Ito is meant to be a celebrated horror author and when I’m celebrating his comedic character being the best thing running through his horror anthology you know the anime went wrong somewhere.

Honestly though Rumor was great not only because it was funny, it saw Souichi get his comeuppance once more but it also saw the return of one of the truly horrifying characters we’ve seen in this series, the Fashion Model.

Souichi uses her for his own purposes but by coincidence she shows up at the end just to frighten the hell out of Souichi, him calling her a beautiful lady might end with them in a unholy alliance of stupidity and terror but we’ll not get to see it because hopefully this is the end and I’m actually looking forward, in the smallest way possible, to the Tomie two part OVA series.

Overall it pretty much just sums the series up doesn’t it?

It was OK but pretty disappointing compared to what it probably should have been.


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