How To Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : I Want to Be With You Forever and Ever

Episode 11

“Zuttozutto issho ni itai to omotterukara” (ずっとずっといっしょにいたいと思ってるから)

How are we so close to the end? And with such a cute title I can’t help but feel a tear in my eye as we go into the penultimate episode of the series.

How to make us cry in a few easy steps :

Have Mii-Kun do something cute – Check

Have Mii-Kun save the day – Check

Have Mii-Kun go baby mode – Check

Have Mii-Kun kidnapped as the cliffhanger for the episode setting up to the gang having to go find him in the middle of the Land God’s festival where a Collector has infiltrated…

Unfortunately for different reasons that was a check too in this episode.

There was a lot going on in this episode and I feel like some of it wasn’t needed and while it didn’t ruin the episode it did bog it down slightly with the same old same old which just wasn’t needed. The Tazuki being all emo about the Collector from his childhood coming back to bite him and Sora on the butt AGAIN just wasn’t needed. You got a changed man in Tazuki just for him to revert right back to normal Tazuki by mid-episode.

It did give us the cute moment with the little dog things, Inugami (?), but other then that it just wasn’t needed. Tazuki’s whole arc kind of came full circle with losing Conny and we didn’t need a extra dramatic end to it, we could have still had the moment with the Inugami, we could have still had Tazuki getting angry at Sora for trying to give his life for everyone else’s, we just didn’t need the on again off again emo mood swings throughout the episode.

Trying to help the Inugami was the trigger for the story that launched Tazuki into his emo mood and sent them to the very place the Festival was taking place. Loved the Festival and getting to see all sorts of creatures there just being happy, the giant Oni was brilliant and I wished that we got to see more of this guy in the series.

It did a very important thing though.

For a series that so far has just been a happy place with some sad moments thrown in it built up perfectly for a dramatic ending with Mii-Kun getting kidnapped in the middle of a festival. We have the Inugami obviously about to prove they are all grown up so that might come to help Sora and his friends later on but right now they have to find the guy who kidnapped Mii-Kun and save him before anything nasty happens.

I mean Tazuki is a good guy and he wants to unwrap Mii-Kun, what will a bad guy do to him?

Our happy place has been disturbed. Of course I’m more then sure Mii-Kun will be OK in the end but it isn’t a nice place to end the penultimate episode.


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