Overlord II : Jaldabaoth

Episode 11

“Yarudabaoto” (ヤルダバオト)

With Tuare captured just after Ainz gave her his protection its time for the underlings of Lord Ainz to go into battle and show us what they are worth.

I got really excited in this episode, it really  felt like shit was about to hit the fan with both Ainz group and the Princesses group ready to take on Eight Fingers, the inevitable clash is seen in two different ways.

Its a lucky day for Sebas as he encounters his former allies Climb and Brain outside of where Tuare is being held, the reunion seems to get them the results they want as Sebas and Solution take care of the members of Six Arms gathered to meet with Sebas whilst the others go to find Tuare… Something about the meeting with Tuare downstairs fills me with dread and I have  feeling that we’re going to get a folly of Sebas kind of thing when it turns out Tuare isn’t what she seems.

That would be sad.

Mare is sent with Entoma to pick up the drug lord female we saw in the other episode. I’m actually not sure that was the person they are after as she hesitated saying she was the most important person in the mansion but that whole notion is quickly gone from your mind when Blue Rose show up just to find Entoma there.

Entoma is so cool, I can’t remember if we’ve seen her before but she’s just a bug person and the whole imagery with her was terrifying. When she was put straight into a fight with Gagaran and then Tia as well I was impressed. It took them two and Evileyes to even nearly put her down. It shows that Ainz has some seriously badass people still hidden away that we’ve yet to see.

Episode ends with Demiurge killing Gagarn and Tia and about to go one-on-one with Evileyes just for them to be disturbed in battle by none other then Ainz himself.

Just so much going on and you know that its just going to end up being a little rushed as its all come about in the last three episodes, which just makes me hate all the Lizardmen stuff even more. I want to see more of Ainz people interacting with the people from Re-Estize, I want to know more about the Princess and why she’s such a freak. You just get the feeling that the ending will be a bit stale because they wasted so much time boring us to death with two Lizards wanting to have sex.

I was going to say that I don’t know what Demiurge and Ainz are playing at but then realised as I was typing it that Ainz saving Evileye and helping out Blue Rose is going to do so much good for him. I can see this being a elaborate plan that the two of them concocted to gain allies in the Captial city and ones who are connected to the Royal Family no less. It should be a brilliant final two episodes.

With the Tuare thing it did leave you with that overall feeling that something worse then we’d ever imagine is going to happen. Have we actually seen Zero? Is there a chance that she could be Zero? Then again I’m pretty sure that the guy that was scouting everything out said that all the members of Six Arms were there plus the girl in the dungeon so I don’t know. It’ll be fun finding out.

I also wonder who it is that they were told not to kill and why Shalltear was warned especially unless it has something to do with Brain? She’s also been told not to worry herself too much about it all because they don’t trust her bloodlust so I wonder why the hell they bothered bringing her in the first place? Feel sorry for Shalltear.

Just super sad we had to put up with Lizardmen at the beginning of the series.


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