DEFIANT Wrestling : Lights Out 2018

Sorry its late but I’ve been doing nights and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit and watch it, though there is a good chance I won’t be watching it in one piece anyway.

The last few weeks of DEFIANT have been kinda meh but Lights Out looks to be one of the best PPVs they’ve done so far.

Winner : No Fun Damien Dunne

Primate is unable to wrestle in the Magnificent Seven match so this is a qualifier for that match which kind of made me feel a little less excited for it. I mean Dunne hasn’t really done much since coming to DEFIANT and I was hoping we could get a shock win against Kirby but I just felt like we were never going to see Dunne go to the Magnificent Seven match over Kirby so I was a little sad but still.

Loved the entrance with the Rollin’ music video for Kirby, it was a fun match with two very funny, and I’m so sorry to say that to someone who hates fun as much as Dunne, guys. Dunne’s fight against fun whilst being forced into it by Kirby was great.

It was also a extremely good opening match when it started, Dunne has a lot of potential in DEFIANT as we’re only just really getting to see him wrestle and he worked really well with Kirby. Always love a failed Zoidberg elbow moment and them both trying to stop each other was funny as hell.

THEN DEFIANT wrestling actually SURPRISED me for the first time in a long time and had Dunne win with a roll up. Like seriously! I was so surprised but also very happy at the same time.

FANTASTIC opening bout.

Winners : Aussie Open

Going into the match I just so wanted Aussie Open to get a good win here and walk out as actual champions, I just didn’t want to see them lose it after winning it in such a shitty way.

I did kind of like that Havoc and Haskins just destroyed Coffey and Gunn before Aussie Open even got out because I really like Haskins and Havoc as a team and the way they do things, I’ve been watching them on PROGRESS since getting the PROGRESS OnDemand service but on the other hand it kind of sucks that Aussie Open didn’t even really get to have a entrance as they just ran down to stop Haskins and Havoc using the birthday bat covered in barbed wire on Coffey.

Thankfully when Aussie Open did get out we didn’t have a one-on-one match at all because all six of these guys are tough as hell and this match was the one I think I was really looking forward to the most and it really lived up to it. I mean as small as everyone is compared to Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher, who looks like he’s had a growth spurt, they all just look like they could murder you with a single move.

I really want to see Gunn & Coffey vs Aussie Open every day of the week.

It was crazy and fun. The ending though was so good, Havoc and Haskins were pretty close to winning but Primate’s mask was thrown into the ring and distracted them so Davis took advantage, a kick to the head and Fidget Spinner later and Aussie Open win the belts in a actual match.

Winner : Chris Brookes

“Somewhere No Fun Dunne is having a aneurysm” David Bradshaw made me snort in laughter.

It started off slowly but then it turned into a dance off which seemed to completely confuse Chris Brookes. Thankfully we didn’t get to see any dancing from Brookes not that I don’t think he can’t but because I’m just worried I’d love him a little less if he tried to do the worm or something. Thankfully he just went straight into his usual amazing offence, twisting Jordan up and keeping him down.

Again watching a lot of Brookes at the moment with PROGRESS and he’s always one of the best guys on a show and I’m happy that DEFIANT are using him and letting him just look seriously deadly. I know he’s been around for a while now but its always been kind of as a tag team wrestler and in the background of Travis Banks story, this felt like DEFIANT saying actually he’s here for his own reasons.

To be honest Brookes dominated the match and won pretty easily but it was a fun match and then we did get to see some dancing from Brookes but I’m happy that he’s just totally focused on kicking ass.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

Probably the match I was looking forward to second most just after the tag team match. It definitely had the best story going into the show. Whilst I get why the Magnificent Seven match was probably going on last this really should have main evented because it was seriously such a well put together story and a wonderful match.

Again it was a bit of a slow start but really fun too from Sammi getting taken out, the roll ups between KLR and Millie and then submission on KLR with McKenzie in the middle by Jayne… It was just so obvious how good this match was going to be that it needed the slow beginning.

I love Jayne, I just think she’s a wonderful foil to McKenzie. She shows so much personality in the ring with the cocky attitude that she’s just added so much to the division. Kind of hope that we add more and more females to the division because its looking so good.

Perfectly put together triple threat too, whilst I enjoyed the chaos of the Tag Team match there was also just a little too much chaos and its probably down to there just being too many bodies in the ring at any one time. The story of the match felt like Sammi being a little on the outside whilst KLR and McKenzie continued to try and end this feud they have. It was just so good.

The Suplex to KLR and Sammi was awesome but the one from the ropes was even better and Sammi’s sliding one was even better.

Great  win for Millie, will be interesting to see where the women go from here.

Winner : Walter

I watched their match from PROGRESS the other day, yes this is the 100th time I’ve mentioned them but still its because I subscribed this month and have spent most of the month watching it, and boy did I get excited for this match even after Travis Banks was announced that he couldn’t wrestle.

Don’t worry WxW will be next and I won’t stop talking about that either when it comes.

Anyway the match was amazing. I liked how Starr went for the smart game plan and tried to just wear Walter down with his head lock. Walter on the other hand just tried to murder Starr in the ring with the slams and even a splash, when the chops came I hid behind a pillow.

Watching wrestlers pick up other wrestlers and throw them around like they don’t weight anything has always been my absolute favourite thing and Walter does this perfectly, it was like Starr just had no weight to him. He honestly looked set to murder him in the ring.

Just the SIZE of Walter is terrifying. I’m so happy I’ve found out who Walter is because he is amazing.

Great story telling, wonderful match and I’m kind of happy that Banks wasn’t in it, not that he was injured of course because I love Banks, but this match was just amazing.

We get another DEFIANT Walter vs Starr match as Starr’s foot was under the rope.

Winner : Drake

This match I think was perfectly placed on the card, it came just after a very emotional and dramatic story laden match and just before a very important main event.

Want to point out that I’ve seen Grado live so many times now and he’s so much fun live its unbelievable.

It was actually a really fantastic wrestling match more then anything else, there was a lot of fun and it had a lot of freedom being a street fight, Grado was able to put his unique humour into it, like the “lap” of the ring after sticking Drake on top of the barrier.

The funny weapons that Grado brought out were great, him playing bowling with Drake by rolling him down the ramp to the skittles made me laugh so loud, Bradshaw trying to seriously commentate it made it even more perfect.

GRADO GET THE TABLE, the Unicorn of Destiny, the Football to the face…

Literally this match was just so hilarious.

Nice win for Drake, will be interesting to see where he goes from now. I’d say this should be a start of him getting a few good wins against others but DEFIANT don’t tend to keep up with the momentum when they start it so who knows.

Winner : Rampage

It didn’t start in chaos which was good. Hendry ran to the commentary table at the beginning after being scared out of the ring by everyone else getting in, the crowd were 100% behind Rampage who was fighting in front of his home crowd.

Some of the moments in the opening moments were just fantastic, Rampage vs Daniels was something I did’t realise how much I wanted to see until it happened same with Dunne vs Kidd, there was nearly a fast roll up elimination on El Ligero right off the start but it was the commentary that kind of stole the show with poor Bradshaw having to babysit Hendry and Kennedy.

Prince Ameen getting a elimination is depressing as hell, in fact it was pretty much the only thing he did was come in, slowly “beat up” Damien Dunne then get the pin on him before we had to endure Christopher Daniels vs Prince Ameen. If I have to give Ameen any credit its being stupid enough that he gave us the Curry Man moment with Daniels but his whole “fight” with Daniels was just him messing around before tagging in Kidd.

We finally got Kidd turning on Ameen which was worth having Ameen in the match until after both Ligero and Daniels were eliminated. Hendry scurrying into the ring to pin Daniels just to scurry out before the turn was brilliant, at this point I just really wanted Rampage to win because it would just be a fantastic story for Rampage to finally get the title and to be the one that took it from Aries…

Not that long after he pinned Kidd he pinned Hendry and I got my wish.

Also how very Rampage of him to be like “I don’t need the element of surprise I’m gonna cash in for a match at No Regrets” Loving it.


Honestly I have to start my final thoughts on this because its so important.

Dave Bradshaw and James R. Kennedy absolutely make DEFIANT wrestling. Their timing and chemistry is perfect, their squabbling makes me laugh so much and they elevate all matches no matter what is going on. Kennedy being added to the commentary table is really the best thing that happened to DEFIANT and I just want it known that I think they are one of the best commentary duo’s I’ve ever heard.

Also the pre-match videos were so amazing in this PPV.

It was just a great night all around. I do hope that they manage to keep the momentum going in general. I mean they had a few great matches and they fizzled out coming into the PPV but the PPV was top quality, well organised and just hell of a fun.

Whilst I loved the main event I do feel like the women could have main evented easily. There was something missing from the main event, a little bit of chaos and a little bit of story that just made me feel like the women should have main evented.

My favourite match because I’m biased is the tag team match closely followed by both Brookes vs Jordan and Walter vs Starr. Every match was brilliant though and its a PPV that I’m happy I kept my subscription for because I’ll watch it a good 3 or 4 times after first viewing it just because it was so much fun.

Hoping in the coming weeks this standard is kept and DEFIANT continues to go from strength to strength.

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