5 things… a non biased but totally negative review on commuting through the use of train

I am one of those extremely annoying people who got a job that isn’t close to home, so now I’m spending large amounts of money and time on travel, but even more time into complaining about the time that being on a train uses up… like I said, very annoying. So I thought how can I complain about this to as many people as possible without running around a town centre shouting it? Make a blog! So in advance I apologise for unloading all of my complaints onto you, but I’m sure you’ll probably get a laugh or two along the way so enjoy…

5. Relaxing free time

Now despite all my points coming up being extremely negative, and rightly so, not everything about catching trains is bad. As I don’t currently drive it is the best means for me to get work. It’s a relaxing time, I don’t have to watch out for other drivers or worry about anything like that, I just sit in my seat, look out the window and enjoy the view. Or as I have taken to lately, writing and editing my blogs. It is time away from a stressful work life without being at home with my parents complaining at me for not learning to drive yet or asking where my rent is.

4. Walking

Despite this being a 5 things about commuting, one of the worst things is the walking. To get to the train station I have to walk for close to a half hour every day, which isn’t as big a problem until we recently had some very adverse weather conditions, meaning I was skating to work instead.

3. Cost

I know I am by far not the most affected by this, especially since the increase in January but the costs to get the train to work are astronomical. I am currently paying over £200 every month and it’s only ever getting higher. I am also aware that if I was to drive to work instead by the time I’ve actually learnt to drive, buy a car, get insurance, buy petrol and pay for parking I’m looking at a lot more than 200. But that still means I’m paying more than 2500 a year just to be able to get to work and earn back the money I’ve just spent on trains.

And fairly often before getting onto a train I will get a mocha from the cafe in the station, which costs another £3 each time. Because I’m usually sleep walking to the station a mocha is close to a necessity and I’ll usually get around 3 a week. Of course I wouldn’t need any where near that much caffeine if it wasn’t for staying up late needlessly watching crap on YouTube.

2. Seating/charge ports

When getting onto a peak time train it is not always guaranteed that you will get a double seat to yourself. Between these double seats there is typically just one central charging port. I don’t know about other people, but I feel too self conscious if I go to charge my phone if I have just sat next to someone else. Therefore if I don’t get seats to my self my phone is likely to die cause it’s old and runs out of charge quickly.

1. Timetable

Getting to work isn’t too bad for timetables but getting back home it is terrible. There is one train 3 minutes after I finish which is too early for me, and then the next one is nearly an hour later. Like who’s planning was that? At least have one halfway between the two, I am paying a lot for a service that wastes 5 hours of my life every week, that’s approximately 260 hours a year. I spend over 10 whole days every year just waiting for a train to take me home… as I’m sure you can tell this is easily my biggest issue with commuting.

I mean imagine all the things I could do with 260 hours… I could get good at fortnite… I could watch 257 hours… I could write a lengthy blog listing what I will do with the remaining hours I have left… I could get to level 99 mining on runescape. .. I could do a lot is basically what I’m trying to say here.


To sum up everything trains are shit, but it’s not all doom and gloom for someone like me who has few other options open to them. And it is the only reason I can earn a living right now so I can’t be too harsh


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