Week 12 Question : How Do You Know You Aren’t Dreaming Right Now?

A question that probably needs a well thought out answer and not just me saying well if I am dreaming its a pretty crap dream.

Personally I am not a philosophical man. I don’t like these questions much because I think they are stupid, they are usually posed by smart asses that want to add nothing to a conversation other then to fluster you into admitting you don’t know when you are dreaming or not.

They want you to define a dream and explain scientifically how you know you aren’t in one.

If someone posed this question to me in reality I would probably point out that in a dream by now I would have probably killed them, to which they would reply what if it isn’t that kind of dream?

Around in the circle we’d go once more.

For me dreaming is simple. Its usually a freak show playing in my head when I go to sleep. I don’t have normal dreams so sitting down with a annoying philosophical person winding me up is way too normal to be a dream.

At the end of the day the word dream is something humans made up to describe a state of mind we are in when our bodies shut off for sleep.

How do I know I’ve woken up?

Well I don’t but I don’t believe in stupid things like Inception or the Matrix. I know long before films came along annoying bastards in Ancient Greece were spewing the same shit but why is it important?

If I’m still in a dream why annoying me? Just bugger off and let me sleep.

Plus I would hope that if I was still asleep my brain could come up with something more interesting then this.

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