Kokkoku : The Eleventh Moment

Episode 11

It seems like we’re going to finally figure out what it is that makes Sagawa the way he is. Seems a bit late in the game but that seems to be what is going to happen.

Or not as it seems. I don’t see why they had to finish the last episode where they did just for us to be told that basically nothing happened. His and his friends parents had sex, his dad then died and he inherited his fathers place in what can only be described as a Cult. In the end he let his friend die from excess, why his friend decided his best friend being a leader of a Cult was so great we never saw, it wasn’t important, what was important was basically that Juri didn’t care.

Takafumi kind of got his just deserts as he once again showed what kind of messed up loser he is by being absolutely happy to run in and stab Sagawa a few times in the chest with a sword before going to do it a second time when Sagawa was in cocoon form but getting his fingers chopped off which led to Juri finally expelling him from Stasis.

He probably thinks he’s done enough to take over the stone that he still doesn’t know has been destroyed when in actual fact they think even less of him.

How couldn’t you though? He was able to summon a Handler without actually doing anything and finds it easy to stab someone in the chest. This is a man that hasn’t worked in who knows how long and relies on the rest of his family to provide for him. He’s the lowest form of scumbag because at least the hired goons working for Sagawa WORKED and were scumbags. They were paid to be scumbags. Takafumi didn’t do fuck all, he wouldn’t even get motivate to tell Tsubasa to get his ass off a video game in the first episode until Juri made him realise he wasn’t enjoying watching someone else play a game. The man has no morals and its a wonder he’s been able to raise what seems like a family full of really decent adults.

Still salty that Tsubasa didn’t get more of a story to be honest.

For Juri though this is the last goodbye. Expelling her dad without saying goodbye knowing she isn’t going to trust Sagawa so has no chance of getting out of Stasis leads her to wanting to expel her whole family just to keep them safe. Next is Makoto and it would have been her grandfather after that if he didn’t have the foresight to figure out her plan… Actually he would have been before Makoto but the point stands she made up her mind to send her grandfather back to look after Makoto because obviously Takafumi has been left by the hospital and Tsubasa probably won’t be in the right state to be looking after anyone when he wakes up.

It feels like the episode were getting us ready to actually believe she isn’t going to escape this moment in time.

To the point that she defeats Sagawa just to find out that he’s been transformed into a baby. Is this going to be the one thing she gets to keep her sane in Stasis? Will looking after baby Sagawa mean she can live a semi-normal life? Or maybe something about the baby will be able to transport her back.

Either way it’ll be interesting to see what happens next episode. I have a feeling it’ll end on a bit of a downer though.


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