How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : A Fun Surprise From Afar

Episode 10

“To okashiku kita tanoshī bikkuri” (とおくからきた楽しいびっくり)

Your weekly dose of happiness is here and we shall all rejoice!

Especially as we have a new friend as Aayan, a talking Anubis statue, gets sent to Sora in this episode and we get to see Mii-kun playing in Egyptian sand.

Its just one of those episodes that you can just kick back and enjoy because Aayan is just such a funny character whilst the second half that dealt with Sora and his hiccups was just a riot from beginning to end.

I like that Sora’s dad seemingly was working hard to get a present that wouldn’t upset Sora, in the end it seems that Sora kinda likes that weird surprises so when Aayan turned out well behaved, and his father didn’t even know he could speak, and the sand turned out just to be sand he was a little disappointed.

We won’t be though as Aayan as I said is hilarious whilst Mii-kun enjoyed the sand and the little Mummy being basically stuck in sand is one of my favourite moments.

When it comes to the hiccups it was just the perfect reaction from everyone.

As they talk about the superstition that you’ll die if you hiccup 100 times in a row, Mii-kun gets super upset and worried, hearing that a scare might snap Sora out of it he unravels his bandages and runs off. At first I thought he was faking it but it seems it really was his bandages and maybe Tazuki got a little glimpse of what might be under there? I mean he saw bright lights that no one else did but no one else was trying to see what was under the bandages other then Tazuki.

I kinda wished we got to see what was in the letter from Sora’s father, I mean it is a very long note and I’m just intrigued at what he could write in such a giant letter.

Honestly I never want this anime to end. Its one of those things you can switch on and it instantly changes your mood to this comfy, happy little place that you thought you lost when you turned into a adult. Or maybe that just me at 28 feeling sorry for myself.

I felt like jumping up and running after Mii-kun to stop him unraveling his bandages as well even though it would get me absolutely nowhere seeing he’s on the TV. Its just that good at making you feel feelings you probably shouldn’t be feeling at my age. Because I am a geriatric at heart and jumping up to chase after Mummy’s probably isn’t the healthiest thing my heart could do.


One thought on “How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : A Fun Surprise From Afar”

  1. How To Keep A Mummy is always more affective when they let Mii-Kun take the lead and this episode really demonstrated that with the bandage sequence. It is amazing how caught up you can get in the tiny mummy before you even realise it. Cute rules.

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