Junji Ito Collection : Supernatural Transfer Student / Scarecrow

Episode 11

Two more stories to the collection this week with supernatural things and scary Scarecrows.

Whilst I enjoyed both stories at the same time I felt like so much more could have been done with Supernatural Transfer Student whilst Scarecrow was fine.

Its pretty much the entirety of this series.

Some stories are fantastic, others not so much and the vast majority are fine. They didn’t really need to cram two stories into one so some of the stories that people have complained about them condensing could have easily had their own episode, they could have even crammed a few of the weirder, 2-3 minute long ones into one episode giving the longer stories the time they deserved.

I’m acting like the series has ended and I’m giving a Final Thoughts review on it but that is just because I’ve ran out of ways to say the same thing really.

I get that they are short stories but you read them and they are so much more fulfilling then watching them on TV. There is something missing and whilst I personally don’t think there is much wrong with the animation style at times it just doesn’t work when it isn’t motionless.

Really I don’t have much to say about Supernatural Transfer Student other then it felt like a abrupt ending. I doubt I’d like that story much if its just like that if I bothered to read it. Just felt like a really decent story that was played out really weakly.

I loved the concept of Scarecrow though and thought it was well presented but there was still something missing that stopped it from feeling complete if you get what I mean.

Strangely though like a car crash I’m pulled to this series every week and even looked at the collection number at the end of this episode and wondered if they are thinking of a second series seeing there are so many stories that they obviously could put into the show. Then I told myself off for thinking that I’d put up with a second series.

This week was so weak I can’t even find the strength to talk about the episode itself.


One thought on “Junji Ito Collection : Supernatural Transfer Student / Scarecrow”

  1. It is getting hard to review this series without saying the same thing each week. What is good about the show remains good and the parts that aren’t working continue not to work. Even if a second season was announced, I don’t think I’d go for it. I think I’m pretty happy this one is coming to an end soon.

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