Overlord II : Disturbance Begins in the Royal Capital

Episode 10

“Ōto Dōran Joshō” (王都動乱序章)

We get to see how Lord Ainz is going to react to Sebas “betraying” him and what will happen to Taure. It was something that could probably have just happened in the last episode but I guess its going to be over blown in this one.

It wasn’t the most thrilling of meetings to be honest. It seemed more to test Sebas then anything else and after hearing Demiurge and Sebas argue like their creators used to Ainz seemed to be happy to go along with anything.

Turns out that Taure is the sister of the girl in the team that Ainz was part of all that long while ago so he has no trouble declaring that he will protect her in his name. Even going as far as getting Albedo to sort out a group to go help Sebas when Taure gets kidnapped.

What is so interesting is that again we’re seeing the people under Ainz getting confused because whilst they look at the world in their programmed eyes that no one is better then Ainz and the people within their circle, Ainz himself is looking at the world through a humans eyes playing a walking skeleton. He’s also trying to do what is right with the memories of his comrades at the back of his head. Albedo doesn’t know that Taure is related to someone that helped Ainz, she doesn’t realise that he doesn’t see humans as beneath them, so regardless of her love for Ainz I can see that being a breaking point at some point for her.

Demiurge is much easier because whilst he has that biased he’s also smart enough not to worry too much about it. He’ll voice his opinion, he’ll make his requests but if Ainz says no then he’ll walk away. He’s also up to something but what it is he’s up to we’ll have to see.

As for the Princess I think I’ve missed something.

I get that underneath the pretty, innocent face is a cold blooded crazy person but the way that Marquis Raeven reacted to her showing her true face just made little sense. The whole stuff about Climb was confusing. I just don’t get her or what the point of all of this is.

Yeah sure a Princess can’t marry a commoner like Climb but she doesn’t seem to love him she wants him as some kind of sex slave. So he’s going to be bequeathed to her when her small dumpy brother becomes King, which actually ends up being a important part of the plan that is kind of stitched onto it because they have another brother who is actually next in line.

It felt like a poorly executed scene, it might have been better to have discussed the plans to destroy Eight Fingers before having the scene discussing who she’s going to marry and who she’s going to get to fuck.

So we get that the Princess is weirder then we first thought but then we have to ask the question who is the good guys because I’m so fucking confused right now. I mean she has to be for wanting to take down Eight Fingers who are proved to be bad guys as they run brothels, kill people and are genuinely scumbags, but then she wants to chain up Climb and basically rape him to death so…

Whose the bad guy again?


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