5 Things… Japanese Folktale Creatures are weird beyond words so here are 5 of my favs!

Yeah I said it would be out last week, yes I did half do the whole thing then get busy. I can’t help it. Its just the way I am.

So here it is a week late.

5. Akaname

So like I just love the idea that they have a demon who basically licks your bathroom clean if you get it too dirty. Like why would that be scary or even needed?

I guess it would be scary if you had a dirty bathroom and went in there one night half asleep to do your business just to have some monster licking the dirt off of it.

Then again if you live with a filthy bathroom just name the damn thing and make friends?

4. Nuppeppo

I have a plush Adipose from Doctor Who because the fat blobs of fat make me smile….

Nuppeppo aren’t blobs of fat but blobs of decaying human flesh, I mean I don’t find that creepy at all they just seem to exist for the sake of it. They don’t do anything and much like the Akaname are only around in places like graveyards and temples that haven’t been looked after.

Moral of all Japanese stories being keep your shit tidy?

3. Tanuki

OK so I just wanted to put these in because I feel bad I never got around to reviewing Uchouten Kazoku season 2.

They are raccoons that can shape shift. I mean raccoons are adorable anyway, and many MANY humans can relate to a raccoon, but just imagine one turning into a dog in front of you? Or a human? Or in the case of one of the poor brothers in Uchouten Kazoku a frog…

Tanuki are adorable and deserve to be in my list GODDAMMIT!

2. Kasa-obake

Most commonly a umbrella hopping about on one leg with one eye.

What they do I don’t really know, they seem to be a made up Folktale thing… In other words whilst there are “eye-witness” reports of the others these don’t seem to have ever been seen but actually are pretty popular in random stories.

It would make life so much easier if you had a umbrella hopping around after you.

1. Ittan-momen

So this whole blog was just because I got excited for the Ittan-momen in How To Keep a Mummy so it is obvious it’ll be my number one.

I mean come on! Its a flying piece of cloth that smoothers people to death! My actual knowledge of crazy Japanese Folktale Creatures comes from a Tumblr post I saw a long time ago and just looking at Ittan-momen and thinking what the actual fuckity-fuck?!

Since then its been my absolute favourite bit of trivia to pull and my favourite monster to terrify my niece with.


There are so many great Folktales out there not even just Japanese ones. I once read a book about how Terry Pratchett came up with some of the things for his books using Folktales from the UK and Europe. Things like this always remind me of that book and the whole “how many versions of the blackbird song is there.”

I don’t know why.

Its just nice to remember crazy things at times.


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