DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #12

So we have a tag team championship match and as well as the last of the qualifying matches for the Magnificent Seven match at Lights Out.

Winner : Prince Ameen

It made me sad that I instantly just saw this match as sacrificing Dunne so Ameen can go onto the match at Lights Out. This is how much I hate Ameen. He isn’t even particularly funny when he does the comedy. The messing around on the ring ropes was tedious just to jump to the outside and punch Dunne.

I mean I complained about the tag match in the last episode feeling slow but this was on another level. I’ve now seen enough of Dunne to know that he’s too good to be in a match where he had to play stupid in between being hit once or twice.

That’s just me though. I don’t like Ameen.

In the end it was Kirby distracting Dunne like Dunne had the week before to Kirby that put Ameen through. Slightly better then Ameen getting a clean win.


I love that Bennett actually got right back in Gibson’s face as much as Gibson got in his. He got added to the Kidd vs Simmons match later on tonight.

Winner : Amir Jordan

So a rematch from the last PPV including the stupid dance off at the beginning just this time Drake looked like he was playing along, even getting down for a Spinaroonie before trying to attack Jordan but Jordan not falling for the same thing twice.

After a explosive start Drake focused on a injury to the leg and slowed the match well down to his pace. I loved watching Drake just zone in on the leg and slowly work on it. My favourite part of Drake recently is that he just doesn’t waste a moment. There are some moments when he interacts with the crowd or walks away from his opponent but he stays focused.

Ending of the match was great with a roll up and the feet on the ropes for Jordan. Reverse of their last match. I’d actually like to see a third match against the two of them to be honest. In a funny way I’m invested to see another match which says a lot about the two of them I guess.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

I’m actually really happy to see Gibson added to the match because when they had Kidd and Simmons in the ring it reminded me of just how much I wanted to see these two guys separated and nowhere near each other. Also angry Gibson not being able to get the microphone to work was hilarious.

It was a bit of a weird match. For three such brilliant wrestlers it didn’t really fit together very well. It felt like a few different matches all put together into one and just didn’t work.

Loved Gibson trying to work with Simmons, loved the clothesline/forearm thing that Kidd did to Simmons but in the end it was a pretty flat match and the ending just kind of felt like it came from nowhere. I don’t know if its because the crowd and the commentary just felt dead for it but it just… I dunno. It didn’t work.

Like Kidd’s reaction to winning was also just boring.


So Joe Hendry has somehow managed to convince Rampage to have a sit down conversation with him?

Honestly I want the Prestige just to die and have this kind of Hendry on his own because its brilliant. His condescending “How long have you been a wrestler?” then taking the mic out of Rampage’s face before he could answer and scampering behind his chair and AWAY from Rampage was just perfect.

Why he’s picked a fight with Rampage I don’t know but I loved every second of it. Including Rampage’s “Joe, you talk too much” before just beating the hell out of him.

The Joe Hendry Show is one of my favourite things.

Winners : Aussie Open

I am SOOO disappointed and SOOOO happy at the same time.

I loved Havoc just breaking down and taking out Primate, his promo about being sick of all the “hardcore” wrestlers being knock off Jimmy Havocs was great, Aussie Open being champions is all my heart ever desired, after binge watching Progress the reunion of Havoc and Haskins just makes me so happy…

But Aussie Open didn’t get to kick anyone’s ass to win the titles.

I mean I don’t really want Aussie Open to have the championships for like a week just for Haskins and Havoc to win them at Lights Out.

Its just so confusing for me.


So Joe Coffey points out that all the Lights Out matches are triple threats… I guess other then the Magnificent 7 match… So they want to be in on the tag team championship match which Stu Bennett agrees with.


So… That is now irrelevant as Kirby vs Dunne is going to be at Lights Out.


I can’t get my thoughts straight on the main event. I just… I don’t think I can be happy about Aussie Open winning the way they did, especially as I can see them just losing at Lights Out. I was looking forward to a fucking fantastic match but it feels like a bit of a disappointment.

My main problem with this episode was the editing. I’m SURE that Bradshaw called the triple threat match the main event and after the “main event” and the Bennett moment in the back they come back to talk about what is happening at Lights Out acting like the tag team moment just hadn’t happened. It was poor. I know that it was the bigger moment, especially because there was no real reaction to the ending of the triple threat match, but it was just poor. If you have it being called the main event and have a piece to go on afterwards treating it like it was the last thing you saw then just edit it so that it is.

These last few shows have gone from being amazing to kind of luke warm and I’m just still so sad that the tag team match was nothing.

Can’t wait for Lights Out though. THAT should be amazing.

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